Friday, April 16, 2010

Shove Your "Common Sense" Where........

A near universal phrase, used by the anti-gun crowd, is “Common Sense" gun laws. What does that mean? Who’s common sense, Sarah Brady or Wayne LaPierre? How can you have “Common Sense” when you are willfully ignorant? When you can’t even explain what the “gun show loophole” means?

They are afraid of guns, don’t like guns, and are made uncomfortable by guns. Their “Right" not to be uncomfortable supersedes, in their entitlement mentality, any other point of view. “I said it, it is a fact” is their unspoken mantra. They would be made even more uncomfortable if they took the time to learn the principals and facts influencing gun advocates.

On Saturday, February 13, 2010 I had a post, “Tilting Windmills” about trying to reach out to an old acquaintance who is anti gun. My goal was to get her to go shooting with me. She did, and it didn’t make a dent. GREYBEARD was right; a waste to time. Still, I am making a real effort to disagree without being disagreeable and talk to people who hold different points of view.

There is one group where I won’t waste time. They think they hold the moral high ground but will, out of a sense of nobles oblige, politely listen to my silly little point of view.

Oh well, I’ve never claimed to be wrapped tight and may just “Bitch Slap” the next one who uses “Common Sense”. Just saying, you know?

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Old NFO said...

That'll work :-) Common sense died a LONG time ago in the cities and the liberal enclaves...