Thursday, November 12, 2009

House Guest

Duece is staying with me until his family is moved into their new home. I'm enjoying him although we are still working on the pack leader issue! He is one strong dog.

I like dogs and miss having one. Spending 10 - 15 nights a month in a motel for the past decade or so kept me from getting one. Changing my lifestyle opens the possibility for having a dog.

The breed I'm considering is a standard poodle. I've been around several and back in the day my sister had one.

Soon Duece will be back taking care of the four grand kids and youngest son. FDIL will be thrilled! Sort of a love me, love my dog.


Old NFO said...

Looks like two falls out of three :-)

FDIL said...

Since you're looking for a friend of the 4 legged variety, I would be happy to donate dumb dumb! I know that for someone of your age, having a canine companion can keep you feeling young!! LUV YA!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Don't even go there.

Sabra said...

A Standard Poodle is a fabulous choice. Be aware of how much work they are as to grooming. If you take the dog to be groomed - it will need to be done once a month. [Hair has to be plucked from the ears. Not an option. I do not recommend using hemostats. Buy special powder and do it with your fingers. It is easy.] They are incredibly smart dogs and very, very easy to train. Can not imagine our life without our three-year-old Standard. She is an absolute delight!!!