Friday, November 13, 2009

A Well Regulated Militia......

This past Monday I reported for jury duty along with approximately 150 fellow citizens. I'm sure they were thrilled, as was I, to be there. Sitting and waiting, I started thinking of various duties we citizens undertake.

The use of militia, as I understand history, goes far back in time. On this continent, militia service wasn't an option. Every free man was expected to be armed and to make himself available in times of need. For a militia to be effective, some order was needed; a well regulated militia.

The National Guard hasn't replaced the militia. It is more of a reserve component of national defense. I think the modern militia is found in Sheriff Posses. At least in the Western rural areas, most counties have an organized Sheriff Posse. An argument can be made that groups like the Deacons for Defense and Justice are militia. It seems to me the 2nd Amendment allows groups to organize and defend themselves from outside dangers or tyranny and this can't happen unless each individual has the unfettered right to own arms.

As to the jury duty, after about three hours I was dismissed. The individual was accused of embezzlement over a four year period, perjury, and attempted bribery; some fourteen counts in total. The judge estimated the trial would last several days. Like a military draft, I reported. Had I been selected, I would have served. It is all part of being a citizen.

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Old NFO said...

Every time I reported, I was dismissed because I was active duty... :-)