Friday, June 12, 2009

Yeah, I Can Hit a Target

Recently had work done on my .380. Today, it got tested. The results won't impress any competitive shooter. My criteria is to hit a target at "parking lot" range. So, standing two hand modified Weaver and Macular Degeneration; think a TA might take his business elsewhere?

Again, I am reminded why I prefer revolvers to automatics. At some point the .380 will get traded. What will work is a Charter Arms in .22 for practice and the .44 Bulldog for carry. If five shots won't get the job done, the situation may be more than my skills can handle.


Jan said...

YEAH!!!! You hit the target!!! Although you're supposed to get the shot into that circle in teh middle. I'll still keep my money on me when it comes to the best shot!! LUV YA!!!

Old NFO said...

Center Mass for most of em, if nothing else, you would DEFINITELY get thier attention :-)