Sunday, June 7, 2009

Callous Car Sellers

As requested, another car lot story. Most salespeople work on straight commission, leading to bitter arguments as to who earned what. A customer on the lot is an "UP". A salesperson, not making progress, cannot "Lot Drop" the UP; they must see their manager. The manager decides if another salesperson should talk to the UP. This is a "turn". If the second salesperson is successful, the commission is shared.

Maggot was a poster child for bad salesmen. He found few chemicals he didn't enjoy abusing. He was a major gambler, always in debt to lenders with collection methods not acceptable to the BBB. His ethics were those of a starving piranha. Worse, he was a mediocre salesman and got fired two to three times a year. This life style led to chronic high stress.

One day while showing a car on the showroom floor, a blood vessel in his brain ruptured. Lots of drama, ambulances, etc. Another salesman took control of the customers and was able to complete the sale. Three days later Maggot was taken off life support and died.

The question here is, should Maggot be on the deal? NO, he didn't make a proper turn, he committed the ultimate "Lot Drop", and he no longer works there.

Free advice. If you are not hardcore to the bone, don't try to sell cars.

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Old NFO said...

Ah... yeah, hardcore doesn't describe MOST of the car salesmen I've met. That was why I always dealt at the GM level to start with. Most of the time it was directly with the owner. Also, I usually got a MUCH better price and no BS :-)