Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Back in the day, Dirty Al, always a leader in tech stuff, urged me to get a computer. I hated computers and only learned enough to work car deals and pull credit reports. I wouldn't even discuss cell phones.

This morning I set up my first desk top. This replaces one of my two laptops that has screen failure. In the house, not including the cell phone, there are three digital cameras, a drawer full of dead cell phones and a GPS in the car. Of course, I have mastered none and still hate reading instructions. Thanks to help from Mo and Jan, and checks written to SC'sPC's, they all work after a fashion.

So to Dirty Al, laugh you damn hyena!


Old NFO said...

:-) A little grouchy are we??? You WILL be absorbed by the borg er... computer and will obey... Oh never mind... :-)

Pens Of The abyss said...

The key is not to get to frustrated with technology. I mean think about it your so old that when you were growing up all there was as a form of technology was, dirt,sticks, rocks, fire and water. So i am proud of you. my father can barley check his email. I tried to explain to my grandma how a cable internet connection worked and after about 20 minutes i just gave up. She just could not understand how you could just "aways be on the internet".......she still uses 56k.....yuck!

Jan said...

Computers are your friend!!! Just remember, you only have to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're working and they're only as good as the person behind the computer! That's why I let Travis deal with any issues we have!!!! LOL