Sunday, April 22, 2018


A trip down memory lane prompted by comments exchanges with Virtual Mirage (LL).

The retail car sales game is chaotic for the most part but one hard and fast rule seems to be found anywhere in the country; the deal comes first! When a salesperson has a customer sitting at a desk and figures are being discussed at the “tower” with whoever is “desking” the deal (sales manager) no one interrupts.  Woe is he who violates this rule.

This incident went down in a Seattle suburb involving the sales manager, “Beefy Boy”, a wholesaler of Iranian origins, and myself, “The Tank”. 

Beefy Boy was a shot putter in college and was on the scrubbed  Moscow Olympics Team. He outweighed me by fifty pounds or so but gave me my nickname after a scuffle in 1986 when we were both mere salesmen. He ended up on his butt. When he got up, he said, “Damn you are a tank”. (Thankfully, two managers had put themselves between us).

The building we worked from was built on a slope with the rear portion some ten feet above the ground. Large windows were along one wall and left open in the summer as we didn’t have a/c.

The Iranian was an arrogant asshole and thought the rules didn’t apply to him. He and Beefy Boy did coke together, among other things, and he forgot his place in the scheme of things.

I was selling a car and Beefy Boy was desking the deal. The Iranian kept interrupting. Wanted to conclude his business and be on his way. Upon his third interruption, I threw his scrawny 200 lb ass out the window. Ten feet down he landed in blackberry bushes. Turning back to Beefy Boy, I snarled, “Now desk my damn deal”. He did.

The Iranian took it upon himself to complain to the General Manager. That got him banned from the premises for six months. I got an “attaboy” from the GM and Beefy Boy got an ass chewing he didn’t soon forget. The sale? Closed it on the third “pencil” for a nice gross and helped me be top salesman for the weekend (worth $200).

In today’s environment I probably would have ended up in jail convicted of a “hate” crime.

My “attaboy” wouldn’t have sounded like one to an outside observer. That same observer wouldn’t understand, “YOU kinky motherfucker”,  is high praise. Like most activities, the car biz is a world unto itself.

Just a bit of free advice about car dealerships. Put some work in before you go “looking”. I always appreciated an “adult” customer who came in prepared. Time is money and a quick transaction will usually result in a fair deal for the customer. If I have to be your “adult”, your “parent”, you will pay for my time and knowledge. Plus, if you are stupid about finances, I will certainly let you be stupid. Real world people, unless you can find Unicorn Motors.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Poor Victim Selection

Want to indulge in a little road rage sport? Don’t choose someone with a dash cam.

No arrests yet but a matter of time. How would you like to be their lawyer when they go to trial?

Same general area, different crime.

Note the very detailed description of the perps.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


From Wikipedia.

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) is a United States federal law, enacted in 2004, that allows two classes of persons—the "qualified law enforcement officer" and the “qualified retired or separated law enforcement officer"—to carry a concealed firearm in any jurisdiction in the United States, regardless of state or local laws, with certain exceptions.

The gun control cabal never rests and no slimy tactic is beneath them, so it seems. Latest target? County sheriffs.

Their premise. “Billionaires” can bribe sheriffs in hardscrabble counties into giving them a LEOSA certificate. Utter bullshit.

How prevalent is this smear across the country?

Yuma County, Colorado is one example I know of. Something similar is happening in San Juan County, New Mexico with smears against candidates for Sheriff in the upcoming election.

The American Mainstream Maggots (h/t BZ) laud billionaires like Bloomberg and Tom Steyer who dump millions into local races. They demonize billionaires who set up foundations to help local law enforcement agencies.  Along the way they besmirch the reputations of decent men and women doing a necessary job for little appreciation or earnings.

I’m asked from time to time why I remain a registered Democrat. Short answer, stubbornness. Longer answer, it pisses off the (P)regressives on one hand and on the other I loathe the smug Jeb! RINOs. Anyone notice how many aren’t running for reelection?

 Wonder why?

Here is hoping the (P)regressives think they have a winning strategy for the midterms drumming about gun control. They should ask the Clintons how well that has worked, Bill while President, and Shillary as a candidate.

Most of us know the classic definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The (P)regressives seem determined to prove this wrong, bless their totalitarian hearts.

If the gutless RINO Senators would pass the House passed National Reciprocity bill, much of this would be moot.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Lawful Protest

A blog post about a purely local matter. Of interest only because of the outcome.

A concrete and asphalt plant is stopped cold by local citizens using the courts. Usually developers build next to existing facilities and then the new home owners want the facilities shut down. In this case, the houses were there first.

Goggle Earth hasn’t updated their coverage. This is the area involved. Note the homes upper right and the train track bottom left.

The plant’s location is ideal from an operational point. Adjacent to a four lane highway, Interstate Highway five miles away, and an operating railroad passing nearby with open farmland to build on, it appeared to be a no brainer.

 Add growth and development inclined county commissioner looking at a few new jobs, lower costs to the county for work projects due to proximity and state of the art production facilities plus new tax revenue, and the package was appealing. What could go wrong? 

Pissing off a few pesky citizens nearby and rewriting inconvenient zoning laws is just a tradition in Weld County.

What did Martin Marietta stockholders get for their investment? A multi-million white elephant.

We residents did get a new intersection built to deal with the expected truck traffic. What was there was dangerous. Stop signs on the side road crossing a four lane highway with a 65 mph speed limit.

Not learning from this, the Commissioners are generating another shit storm a few miles northeast.

 NIMBY will always be around wherever you go. Weld County residents in general are not anti growth. The county is a “Right to Farm” county and feedlots, packing plants, cheese factories, dairy operations, oil fields, and sugar beet plants are an accepted fact of life.

 The residents are is fiercely protective of property rights, water rights and a sustainable economy. This isn’t transplanted Californians/trust funders that plague the mountain towns leading the fight. 

These plants they are fighting aren’t home grown enterprises. They are designs of outside investors that will make money while they can then decamp leaving their mess behind.

The Commissioners are in a bind too. Starting around 2000, many of the towns annexed large portions of the county. The towns got the tax base, but had no means to pay for the services the county was providing. Roads weren’t plowed in the winter or fixed in the summer. Law enforcement? Other than running speed traps, forget it. The town’s annexed problems still spilled over into the county. Not an easy problem to manage, let alone fix.

To give Martin Marietta credit, a lot of effort went into making the site less visually jarring and minimize dust and runoff. Their initial mistake of slickering zoning changes and use permits was their undoing, IMO. I’m reminded of an owner I worked for whose instructions to me, “Do it right, do it legal, don’t cut corners”, was a sound business philosophy.

Still, I’m encouraged the legal system can be used by ordinary citizens to protect themselves from deep pocket interests. The considerable effort these citizens had to put forth is admirable, America at its finest, IMO. Perhaps I’m indulging in wishful thinking but I see citizens fighting back against powerful interests. The election of President Trump as an example. The ferocious fight of 2nd Amendment supporters is another.

“No massa, we ain’t on a plantation”.

My opinion isn’t shared by the local rag.

Hope you didn’t find this boring. Perhaps similar situations are found in your locality.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Impatience Can Bite

Every time a jury summons arrives, I’m reminded of why I chose my blog title.

After my mother moved into a long term care facility, I had all her mail forwarded to my post office box. Some time before she had given me power of attorney.

One day a Jury Summons arrived. I didn’t bother to read it, just noted the date/time in my planner, and tossed it into the “Shit I need to do” folder. Showed up at the Justice Center on the day, handed the summons to a clerk, and took a seat. Again, I didn’t bother to read it. Instead, opened my briefcase and started working.

Names are being called and I heard my mother’s name called. WTF? Then I read the summons and, yes, it had my mother’s name. Being totally cool, went to the window and explained why my mother couldn’t be there.

When my sister heard the story, I was in for even more teasing for the rest of my life. That woman forgets nothing.

Did I learn anything from this? Like read through my mail? Hell no.  As my sister explains, you need some patience to be impatience.

Shouldn’t this change now I am mostly retired? Hasn’t yet.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Owner lives across the hall. We mutually disdain each other. She struggles to be civil. I make it a point to give her a big friendly smile and greeting.

Wonder if her head would explode if she knew I’m a registered Democrat?  She didn’t like my, “Anybody but Shillary”, poster in the back of my truck topper window.

My sister is always telling me I need to get a life.

Got my comeuppance for being a registered voter in the form of a jury duty summons.  I’ll report, citizen duty and all that.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Please excuse my lack of computer skills. The only way I found to transfer the information.

Put the same up on President Trump and the left will froth at the mouth.