Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gone Legit?

In much of Colorado the worst thing to say about an elected official is they have “gone Denver”. Today I went through the process of meeting the state imposed legal requirements to do what I’ve been doing most of my adult life, carrying a concealed firearm. Wonder what that makes me?

I had taken the required safety class and had the certificate. The process at the Sheriff’s office was efficient and pleasant. Cost? $100. I simply walked in and went to the window. Another 45 minutes and I was on my way.

The process would have been faster except for fingerprints. While I haven’t worked my fingers to the bone, have worn down the whorls to the point they are hard to print. It took several tries with one thumb and my right ring finger by the deputy with twenty years of experience.

Weld County, CO is about as red as it gets. Contrast this with the next county South, Adams, where a three term Sheriff allowed 25 permit applications only per day, two days a week, first come, first served. This in a county with a population North of 600,000.

So why haven’t I done this after many years? Family members will say it is because I’m too cheap. They say that like it is a bad thing!

It pisses me off I need to ask/pay for something that is my natural born right, self defense.

Age plays a part. I don’t care to deal with the hassle of fighting the legal system. More so, at age 73, I’m coming to grips with being, in fact, an “at risk” senior.

Privacy concerns played a part. In reality, with all the interconnected data bases privacy is gone. Does anyone believe the FBI purges background check reports after a certain time limit as prescribed by law? They seem to flout any law they find inconvenient, don’t they?

“So, Mr. White, where is the .22 rifle you purchased from XXX and picked up from an FFL in Brighton, CO in 2xxx? You passed a background check then. Oh, and the 20 gauge shotgun from an auction picked up from the same FFL?”

In two to three weeks will have the credit card sized permit with my picture and details. That, and a diminished scofflaw status. Oh well, life goes on.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"GUN" Show

Attended the local firearms show today. Since shotguns were in abundance, calling it a gun show is OK.

Didn’t go looking for anything in particular and didn’t buy anything but a double cheeseburger. A 4H club was operating the concession. Let’s give a shout out to all the adults that work with the kids and support these activities. They do make a difference in kid’s lives. A double cheeseburger isn’t on my food plan. Supporting good kid activities is high on my life plan.

I mainly attend these shows to support the cause. My only temptation today was a new Ruger 10/22 stainless takedown.  I’m not a collector but more of a tool user.  A .22 rifle has been missing from the tool chest for some time.  An old octagon barrel .22 Winchester pump caught my eye. Again, tools. Having owned and used several tubular feed rifles in various calibers, I’m more inclined to buy something with a magazine. I find them a bit more reliable.

There were zero Charter Arms for sale. One in .22 interests me. No Bond Derringers. Had one, gave it to a friend, and have wanted one every since.

This is the first sale I haven’t seen any NAA derringers displayed. Likewise, no Makarovs. There was one vendor with a rack of Arisakas.  Only saw three Mosins.

Did see a couple with new twins. I’m not good at guessing baby ages. These could hold up their heads but were small. The logistics were staggering. An oversized stroller, various small duffels, vacuum bottles, mixing bottles, tiny feeding bottle, diapers, blankets, towels etc. Made me tired just watching.

Back to work tomorrow. The weather guessers are saying we will hit the backside of an Alberta Clipper. Shouldn’t be much to it around the NE,WY,CO corner.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Seasonal Exhaustion

Feels like the muse is on hiatus. Nothing exceptional going on.

As a Blue Dog Democrat, one of the few Democrats I’ve voted for is a local State Representative, Dave Young. Found him to be focused on solutions. Now he is running for State Treasurer and already he has lost my vote by going full (P)regressive. Wants to “fix” TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) among other (P)regressive hot buttons. Guess he is looking at fund raising. Whee, a firebrand for State bean counter. Can’t you just sense the excitement?

The term limited Republican hasn’t done a bad job. The job is collecting taxes, making disbursements, and balancing the books. The only grey area is investing the State’s moneys (rainy day funds, pension reserves, etc). The current Treasurer hasn’t invested in Ponzis or run off to Las Vegas.  Nothing unsound in the way the office has operated.

Just for once I would like to see a candidate say,

“The incumbent has done a decent job. I feel I can do better by ………….”

Oh no, Young has come out of the box with the negatives, the insinuations and the scare rhetoric. Pisses me off.

That might fire up the “base”, but it won't appeal to the voters who just want someone competent counting the State’s beans.

Governor Wishywashy gave his final State of The State address to the new Legislature. If bored out of your gourd, you can read about it.

With the House in the Dems hands, and the Senate GOP, we should have a repeat of the last “nothing accomplished” session.

Maybe things will pick up and I will have something interesting to say. Or not.


Why nothing is accomplished IMO. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Sheriff in Town

Judge Gloria M. Navarro, gutless wonder, dismissed the Bundy charges with prejudice. For most of the trial she so sided with the prosecution it was stomach turning to watch. 

Now, a year after President Trump is elected, she rediscovers her legal principals. Think that would have happened if Loretta Lynch was still Attorney General? I don’t.

Eight years of the Obama and (P)regressives weaponizing the Justice Department, and the alphabet agencies, a day of reckoning is coming. Those who couldn’t conceive him winning, and making someone like Jeff Sessions Attorney General are looking for cover, IMO. About time.
As Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying,

“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

No wonder the Deep State is fighting so hard. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Final Disposition

With all the funerals attended in 2017 my end of life wishes have been on my mind.

Done the usual, wills,  medical power of attorney, named executor, etc. Have decided on cremation. What to do with the ashes?

Working on a plan to have the ashes loaded into small aerosol cans and distributed to retail automotive salespeople. When they encounter the smug, superior acting couple who sneeringly announce,

“We’re JUST looking”,

I want them sprayed with my ashes.

That would be a great legacy, don’t you agree?

Older Is Wiser? (Update)

Yesterday the lad got moved completely. Today he needs to clean his old place and return the keys.

My involvement? A text and two phone calls.

Love it when a plan comes together.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Problem Children

Ami at I.Am.Mental writes about the children under her care and one that is a large challenge.

She hasn’t given up on him and he is improving.

Our first born is autistic. He was a challenge, to put it mildly. Now 47, he lives independently in Seattle and is a professional dishwasher. On the side he sells newspapers on a corner in the Wallingford neighborhood. Recently, he lost his job of eight years to the wonderful victory of Social Justice Warriors in raising the minimum wage in Seattle. He now works in a restaurant outside the Seattle city limits.

One thing was clear to me during the many conferences we attended at schools. The ‘professionals’ didn’t like him, not at all. The more they pushed behavior modification, the more he pushed back.

Then he got a teacher, Mark Hammond by name. Mark talked to us and said he thought our son could learn and wanted to drop the behavior modification model and try teaching basic academics. We told him to go for it.

This required a high level of trust between teacher and parents. Mark would literally sit on our son, hold his head in his hands to force eye contact, and say,

“Sean, A,B,C, etc.”

It worked. He started learning, and the behaviors diminished. The more he was treated as a regular kid, the more he acted like a regular kid. One teacher, who didn’t give up, saved a kid from life in an institution. That was during the time “deinstutional” was gathering steam so he probably would be homeless or dead.

This shouldn’t be taken as rant against behavior modification techniques. Rather, it is a rant against adults who don’t see children as unique human beings.

Having handicapped children can crush you or temper you. My ex and I, already activists, became involved in many endeavors. The draft legislation for the Washington Education For All Act was written on our dining room table and she lobbied for two years to get it passed. I worked my ass off so she could. We were the first officers of the Seattle Chapter of a national organization focused on autism.  I became involved in local politics and was a precinct committeeman for years, first as a Republican and then as a Democrat.

Forced out our comfort zone, we became acquainted with people we would never have otherwise known. Professionally, it helped me.

Our marriage failed after twenty two years. I don’t blame the stresses of our children’s problems alone but recognize it as a factor. There were health issues, financial issues, and personality conflicts. She has a Mensa IQ and the common sense of a dead roach. My nickname, “The Tank”, speaks to my problem solving approach. Subtle and patient are words seldom mention by people describing me.


Problem. Job site is shut down because bears are helping themselves to the worker’s lunches.

Solution. Fire up a chain saw and charge the bears. It worked.

We did the counseling thing, etc., but finally she bailed leaving me to raise the two younger children, one with a touch of Asperger’s Syndrome.   They turned out to be responsible adults but  with some big bumps along the way.

So, a big shout out to Ami and all the people like her that work with children.

To paraphrase an old saying, they may not change the world, but they can change one child’s world.