Thursday, August 10, 2017

The (P)regressive's Long March?

A favorite site for Colorado specific political opinions has a new posting regarding the rebranding of the ‘Democrat” Party.

Mentioned at the end was Ken Salazar.

This is an individual ruined, in my opinion, by the deep government Washington, D.C. swamp.

He comes from humble Southern Colorado Hispanic roots. A hard working family that bootstrapped their way out of poverty while remaining humble, his wife was still owning and operating a drive in restaurant in a Denver suburb when he was elected U.S. Senator.

In Washington he shared an apartment with his brother, a one term Congressman who traveled his district in a personally flown 1966 Cessna 182 that was no cosmetic prize.

Obama made him a cabinet appointee. In the aftermath, he went over to the dark side.

I’m still pissed I not only voted for him, I was a campaign volunteer. 


The last stand of the Jeb!s?


  1. A Democrat, no matter how noble he once was, going over to the dark side surprises you how? CO needs a very intensive grassroots drive to get back the conservative vote. Just look at what the liberals are doing to the state is enough to get the common, everyday, native Coloradan up in arms (so to speak).

  2. Well, I don't blame you. He bamboozled the voters. Do you think he did it because his platform beliefs changed or was it personally motivated to get an appointment?

    1. I think he decided to get rich. Just my opinion - I have no inside information.

    2. Getting rich is what ALL US Senators do. Look at Feinstein - billions on the postal real estate deal. Clinton sold uranium and everything else she could set her sights on. They become crooks. It's not a Republican/Democrat thing. They are (almost) ALL crooks sooner or later.

    3. Afraid most cynics, including me, agree.

  3. Yeah, only two kinds of politicians. Corrupt or about to become corrupt. Sucks, doesn't it?

  4. Absolute power corrupts absolutely... sigh