Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yeah We Are Irrational, But Who Cares?

The Colorado Mountains are home to many abandoned mines. Dredged streams. Left over from the rape and pillage era. Some are leaking toxic waste. More are death traps for clueless trespassers. Naturally, there are many “fixers”, “we need to do something”, “give us money” folks.

Enter the EPA. At the time, the EPA had 1,000+ lawyers on staff but zero mining engineers. Didn’t stop them from “fixing” the Gold King Mine near Silverton, CO. Instead, they contaminated the Las Animas river, a critical water source for Colorado, Utah and Arizona. The rivers involved end up in Lake Powell, an impoundment of the Colorado River.

This is a long technical explanation for those who care to take the time.

And a few photos from public sources.

To date, no one from the EPA has been held accountable. The agency itself hasn’t been held accountable. Instead, the efforts has been to declare the entire Silverton area a Superfund site.

Silverton is home to arrogant trust fund and parent allowance hippies. Wealthy fly in condo owners. The county went for Shillary last election. Doubt they understand the implications of having federal employees deciding what the property owners can and cannot do with their own property.

Colorado’s congressional delegation? Evidently the Democrats believe the EPA is their constituent.

Senator Mumbles weighed in with a “cover my ass but don’t hold me personally accountable” statement.

Of course the ecofreaks blame Trump, somehow.

The local Republican Congresscritter  rides the coattails of others who are doing the heavy lifting.

So why did WSF write this particular blog? To point out a portion of the swamp President Trump has pledged to drain.
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