Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Military Officer Career Planning

A question for those who have served as military officers. Question follows the scenario.

You laid out a career path as a diversity/social justice/etc specialist with the idea of building credentials to allow a smooth transition to the civilian world built on diligent networking with like minded people. You were very successful in the eight years of the Lightbringer administration and looked forward to eight more successful years with the Shillary administration.

Suddenly, the real warriors are in charge. Are you fucked?


  1. Those people may have futures in "progressive" companies with large HR departments. I think that the military may no longer be the warm, welcoming place that it once was and if they stay in, who knows but what they could get orders to some place where people will shoot at them or their own troops will frag them.

  2. When you base your whole existence on make believe and fairy tales, sooner or later reality will bring you back down to earth. A whole trophy case of participation trophies never impresses anyone.

    Yes, these military snow flakes are royally screwed. And if they are able to scramble and make something of themselves despite the opposition of the mean streets of the world, they will look back and realize how foolish there were in their utopian youth.

  3. From my experience with officers, they are a self-protecting bunch who goes with the flow. Their mindset will change and they will do and say whatever is needed to survive. They will have to spend a good bit of time cleaning the shit off their noses for a few months, but they will survive. Or run for political office as a leftist liberal candidate in California, Washington or New York.

    1. We are cynical former enlisted. In fact, I knew several officers I respected and did not go along to get along. Of course, it is unlikely they made the military a career.

  4. But, but, but is there no light at the end of the rainbow?