Saturday, August 20, 2022

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Business took me to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, population 1,100 or so, located on Interstate 80 and US 30 on the Nebraska State line. The town survives but has seen better days.

Like most places, you have local characters.

Before the Interstate, this was a major stopping point.


What is very unusual is the Lady of Peace Shrine.


Business over, nothing pressing, tank of gas, and no rain in the forecast Banner and I took a mental health afternoon and drove the dirt roads on the East side of the bluffs. Telephone lines still exist but I don’t know if they are in use. Blessedly, no cell phone service.

Tri Corners

Our trip took us past the place where Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado meet. The area has windmills as far as you can see.

Once you could drive to the water pump windmill.

Inconsiderate people caused the private property owner to close off the road. Now it is a ¾ mile walk.

There is a paved road in Wyoming but the payment stops at the Colorado line. Maybe the paved road is for the Minuteman III silo just to the North.


Banner and I were here before when you could drive to the water well.

Road Tripping Banner

He usually accompanies me when it isn’t too hot. He does car rides easily and enjoys himself. This trip I wished I didn’t bring him. Someone must have given him a “treat” behind my back as he had epic flatulent every hour or so. The silent killer type.

We arrived home safely in time for his supper.

 Male Karens

 In our county what passes for where the “rich” live is the Water Valley development in Windsor, CO.

 The covenants probably include a requirement to be an elitist snob.

 A “frequent flyer” took exception to my being at his home. During past visits I once got into a verbal skirmish with the next door neighbor who demanded to know why I was there. In a very civil manner, I told him to fuck off.

As I walked up the driveway taking my required pictures the owner came charging down his steps. His first words were, “You piece of shit, you can’t be here”.   About mid 40’s, 5’6” and around 145 lbs he got into my space. I shoved the dun letter in his face with the words, “I’m just a man doing a job”. He grabbed the envelope (which was what I wanted) and we proceeded to exchange words, some of which were not at all civil. As I left I advised him the way to prevent my visits was to pay his mortgage.

I will do dozens of contacts with everyone being civil. I know my visit is embarrassing and make it a point to be civil, and brief. Every once in awhile I get a nutter. My guess is the domestic partner isn’t aware the mortgage isn’t getting paid (some personal experience in this regard) and now the questions will begin.

I did invite the Karen to take a swing at me. No legal danger on my part as I am now an “at risk” senior citizen. As a 78 year old dirty white boy who has seen some rodeos I still won’t back down. The old, “I’ll die on my feet before I will live on my knees” mindset. Alas, Karen was all mouth.


I smell 2008 all over again. My assignments keep coming and my “part time” job is becoming closer to full time.

 As always, YMMV.



Hey Booms said...

Looks pretty hilly.

Anonymous said...

A male Karen, funny.
Yes I bet you are getting closer to full time work. Pity it is. Housing bubble times 10, yeah. Be careful Well Seasoned Fool.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Het Brooms
These limestone bluffs dot Eastern Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle. If high enough, trees will grow on them.

This particular Karen has a record. One DUI and four foreclosures and/or bankruptcies.

Old NFO said...

Nice drive, thanks for the pics! And yes, there ARE male Karens... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My ex was named Karen, and she was.

jeff d said...

sad to see the hollowed out towns. Most of the old business buildings in Pine Bluffs appear to have been removed. Happily, what remains looks well maintained, not impoverished.

Interestingly, the Lady of Peace site does not explain what it is or any proselytizing.

bad link to water pump windmill? I think I remember your prior post.

Surprising no cell service. I would have expected continuous coverage along I 80. Line of sight is pretty clear.

a suggestion. When you work, wear a camera like the police do. There are a variety. I am not knowledgeable to recommend. I have seen a lot of outdoor enthusiasts recording with insta360 Go2. It is not obtrusive. Having a video / sound recording after an adverse event could be useful.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I've given consideration to wearing a camera.
Tried the link and it opened for me.

LSP said...

Forgot to say, LOVE the Marian statue, beautiful.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Glad you ejoyed them. I thought of you when I was there. The stations of the Cross are also well done.

Your other comment did't post but I confess to losing my temper.

Wild, wild west said...

That drive going east on US 20 coming out of Wyoming where it drops thru those bluffs around Fort Robinson in northwest Nebraska is stunning. If all somebody knew about Nebraska was I-80 they'd be very surprised - I know I was!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Agree and Fort Robinson is interesting. Further North is Toadstool Park -- very unusual. All along the Niobrara River are canyons that make you forget you are in "flat" Nebraska.