Saturday, July 30, 2022

Go Woke, Go Broke

 Back in the day selling cars, one pain was the visits by manufacturer reps. Worse was going to one of their meetings. In twenty+ years, only two would I have had on my crew and one, Peter Butterfield, was President of Kia at the time.

Painful to watch is this buffoon with his plan to destroy Ford.

 I’m sure this plays well to the elites he runs around with and does wonders for his ego. What none of these jerks, with their focus group think mentalities is they don’t know their customers and what their customers really want.

 The great unwashed car consumers, in large numbers, don’t really like cars. They have them because they need them. What they want is a Ford Tempo of which I personally sold hundreds. The perfect, at the time, a no brainer car, it filled a very large niche.

 The inside was roomy enough for four people and was easy to enter and exit. Visibility was adequate. The four cylinder engine, basically one half of a 302 V-8, was stove bolt reliable and had adequate acceleration and an easy cruising speed. The car had a comfortable ride. Turn the key and it started. Shift into drive and away you went. With A/C, cruise, and a simple sound system, the down payment and monthly payment was within the reach of many people. For whatever reason, the two door models and the 5 speed manuals had a few problems but the four door automatics were nearly bullet proof.

 As a salesman, the gross profit on one was laughable but I loved selling them. A quick easy sale, they inflated my monthly numbers. At that Ford store, selling 20 cars a month put you into large bonuses.

 Ford replaced it with the Contour, a sexy European Ford. The Contour cost more, was cramped, and never as reliable. The mechanics loathed working on them.

Ford has made it clear they are committed to electric vehicles and plan to be 100% EV by 2035. Corporate suicide.

What has kept Ford alive through good times and bad times, especially bad times, are trucks. They seem determined to fuck that up, too. EcoBoost engines are crap, per my friends still in the business. Loading the trucks with excess electronic crap that is hard to use and doesn’t do a damn thing to help a truck do truck stuff, Ford is doing the dance of death.

I’m not commenting on their agriculture products as I don’t have a clear idea of what is happening.

The biggest mistake the corporate types make, IMO, is not recognizing who their customer is. It tain’t the family leaving the lot with a happy tag flapping in the breeze. The customer is the lending institution writing a check (ok, direct deposit) to the dealership. They are the buyer and the driver(s) buys it one month at a time.

To the few wokers who might read this, this curmudgeon Senior would like to bring this to your attention. The consumer always keeps the right to vote their wallet. When you try to force what the consumer doesn’t want, the cash flow that sustains you will dry up. Go woke, go broke.


Wild, wild west said...

A customer in Arkansas has been a loyal Ford pickup truck consumer for years, using several in his operation at any given time. I'm talking decades of loyalty here.

Last time thru, it was a surprise to find several Dodge trucks in the parking lot. There's one data point for ya.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

That isn't a surprise. I'm not a big Dodge/Ram fan, mainly because of little niggling things where Chrysler goes cheap, but their product works and spends little time in the shop. I spent a couple of years as a test driver for Roush Industries and have many miles in Dodge pickups pulling trailers over Vail Pass and the Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels.

Old NFO said...

Cousin's hubby has been a Ford man for 40 years. No more... He went to Chevrolet because he could actually GET a work truck.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

An acquaintance waited four months to get a F-350 Super Cab Long box XL with a 7.3 V-8 and 4WD. He told me he will keep it running forever - he is done with the new truck every three years.

LSP said...

Wisdom, as always.

That said, fixing to get another One Fiddy...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

There is a sound reason why the F-150 has been the best selling vehicle since 1948 (USA). It works! Now these woke **&&*= will ruin it. Get the V-8 (but no 5.8 three valves).