Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trust Funder Angst

Sadly, Colorado is suffering from a forty years invasion and occupation by trust fund babies. By now many have reached senior citizen status. They are concentrated in the high country from Steamboat Springs in the North to Durango and Pagosa Springs to the South. Included are Aspen, Crested Butte, and the towns around Breckenridge. Boulder can be considered a side node.

Seems the special snowflakes in the Durango area are especially upset with Senator Cory Gardner (R), a farm implement dealer’s son from Yuma. Sob, he is ignoring them! How dare he?

Of course, they are all Sierra Club, or clones, members. I am reminded of my late father’s definition of an environmentalist.

“The guy who bought his five acres last year”.

I’m not a fanboy of Gardner. I do see him concentrating on issues that impact jobs, something trust funders will never understand.

Does it seem I have some animosity to trust funders? Let me be clear. I loathe the fuckers.
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