Friday, January 13, 2017

Sometimes It Works

So sorry, fraudsters. My information at all three credit reporting agencies has been frozen for years. I don’t use credit nor do I need credit. Prepared Visa takes care of my modest needs and limits my exposure to loss.

Recently needed to unfreeze one agency to open an account with Century Link. In my neighborhood we have two choices for internet. The other, Xfinity, has once again jacked up my rate, so bye bye.

No problem, go online and unlock the account. NO! Make the call to the call center, use the ear phone jack on my cell phone so I can hear, and maybe understand the call center staff (I am only fluent in Rocky Mountain dialect Engrish) and learn the Fraud Department has locked my account due to fraudulent activity!

Spent another hour gathering the necessary information to send them via snail mail to remove the freeze. Now we wait.

Already I can hear the snorts of those of you that have dealt with real fraud, a gift that keeps giving. My condolences.

My reasons for freezing my information was prompted by the many car business customers we encountered whose personal finances were compromised by fraud. Yes, having to unfreeze the information is a PITA. I have to believe that is nothing compared to dealing with personal fraud. YMMV
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