Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cousins By The Dozens

Having lots of cousins can come in handy. Recently one and his wife were vacationing and lost their key to their vehicle parked at DIA. (Millbillies to Momma Fargo)

 No problem, a spare key was overnighted to my sister. I picked it up and took it with me on my rounds. After dropping off my shipment at the Air Freight Terminal, drove to the passenger terminal. My cousin stepped out, my window was rolled down, the key was transferred and I was on my way. Had chickens to sell before they died and eggs before they hatched.

About fifteen years ago my youngest and girlfriend were returning from Washington State when his alternator went bad near Caldwell, Idaho. I asked him if he could make it to Boise by having his battery charged. When he arrived at a truck stop in Boise, a man pulled up along side them and asked,

  “Are you Travis?” “Follow me”.

Soon they were at my aunt’s house. The car was parked. An alternator for a Daihatsu wasn’t available in Boise so they left the car and came to Colorado on Greyhound. The cat, Precious, stayed with my aunt.

An independent owner friend of my sister ran Greeley/Seattle/Greeley weekly hauling fresh beef for the Japanese market. Arrangements were made and Precious joined him at a Boise truck stop to ride back to Colorado.  

The trucker amused himself on his CB telling all of his buddies  he was,
   “Back hauling pussy”.  *

It is good to belong to clans that will support each other.

*Today with the Truckers Against Trafficking (which I wholeheartedly support) that wouldn’t happen. Again, fifteen years ago. 


drjim said...

I had a ton of buddies like that back in Illinois.

You needed something taken somewhere, it got there.

Your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, you got picked up, and a ride back the next day with whatever parts you needed to fix it.

And/or a tow if it wasn't fixable where it broke.

Try that out here in Kommiefornia and you'd probably wind up behind bars!

Just glad we have lots of "clan" in the Fort Collins area that can help us when we move there!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Different times. Somehow our family values have remained intact with the younger generations.

Old NFO said...

Amazing what 'family' can make happen... :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

And what a comfort when you need them.