Monday, February 1, 2016

Earning My Daily Bread (Three Days a Week)

Kind of a rambling and perhaps pointless blog entry. You have been warned.

The large winter storm moving through the area is more towards the South of us but the fringe is still hitting us hard. Crappy cell phone snaps, please bear with me. This morning around 0430. 40 mph in a 80 mph zone.

There were many of these out working. Not supposed to pass one but I don't have time to follow one at 40 mph.
 Then there are these signs on 78 miles of road I must travel.

And damn little after 5 am.

South of Kimball, NE. Highway 71. Strange day - the wind was from the East. Hold my beer moment when a jackass trucker missed his turn, stopped dead, then started backing up. Prius vs 53' trailer? Didn't like those odds. 

Something to make a car collector cry. Scottsbluff NE. 57' Chevy convertible.

The place has cabbage burgers but not at 0900 when I gas up.

486 miles, and I get to do it tomorrow and Wednesday. The wind wasn't bad today but the forecast for tomorrow is for worse weather.

The man who drives Wed to Saturday spent 40 years driving big rigs in 49 States and most Provinces.  We are two old silver-backs but have the jobs because we are "seasoned". The other "kids" want our routes. Not happening. Our routes are the branch's most lucrative and for the most demanding client. The managers leave us alone and the job gets done every day no matter what the weather throws at us.

I'm nearly finished paying off the deductibles and co pays on the pacemaker but think I will keep the job until summer or I win the lottery.
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