Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well Cut My Legs Off and Call Me Shorty

Received in the mail from the Veterans Administration a letter informing me, since I'm "registered" in the VA health system, that constitutes coverage under the Affordable Care Act. They included a spiffy form I can send to the IRS with my tax return.

Who knew? I did the intake a few years ago, side stepped the three innocuous questions that would have disqualified me from purchasing a firearm, and haven't stepped foot in a VA facility since then.

In other news, my computer is d.o.a. at the shop. The real news, buried under all the explanations, is probably next week. Aarg!

This public computer won't let me make comments on my own blog. Note to self. Start writing down passwords!


Old NFO said...

Well, that IS a positive... And anything that helps lower costs isn't all bad. I'm now in the same boat. $867/mo wasn't going to hack it...

Well Seasoned Fool said...