Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maxine Gets Violated

My sister likes to give names to vehicles. I've owned three old Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickups in recent years. The first, a 1984 4x4 Turbo Diesel she named Maximilus. The second, a 1986 4x2 automatic with a 2.6 4cyl gasoline engine was named Mad Max. My current truck, a 1986 4x2 2.0 5 speed she named Maxine.

Maxine needed a U joint and center carrier bearing replaced. The mechanic I use was once the service manager at a dealership we both worked at for years. Semi retired, he has two bay shop in back of his house that is better equipped than most car dealerships.

Yesterday Doug called me, said get your truck in right now or wait a week. While not feeling well, I drove down to his shop. Two of his mechanic friends were there visiting and drinking beer. 

Maxine didn't give up her 29 year old parts easily but the job got done. All the mechanics got involved.  I've never argued with Doug about what he charges, and it has always been far less than regular shops. What comes with his work is a ration of shit and listening to bad jokes. We have a long history of breaking each others balls. He also has a disgusting habit of restoring Chevy muscle cars but I have learned to tolerate that.

Talking with my sister, I told her Maxine had her drive line pulled, center bearing replaced, u joint replaced and drive line put back.

"Oh", she replied. "Maxine had sex; did she like it"?

Mighty Max's are far cheaper to fix than Toyota, Nissan, and Mazdas. Anyone of the four is noisy and rough riding. My needs in vehicles is something reliable that will haul my fat ass around cheaply. After all those years in the car business, the only thing that makes me tingle is a large gross profit.


  1. If it works, it ain't wrong... Like the guy that is STILL driving the $75 1957 Chevy pickup 38 years later! :-)

  2. One of my late father's favorites, "Grease is cheaper than machinery". I've owned two Lincoln Towncars that went over 250,000 miles. Were I to go back on the road, I would get another one.

  3. It's customary to withhold the names of the victim(s) of the violation.
    You're one of those people who laughs in the face of custom, aren't you?
    Tsk tsk.

  4. Were I not married, except for the hot rods, I would be driving what you do but, alas, the wife has different standards than I do and requires something more spiffy for our main paint that shines and stuff!

    1. Another benefit is cutting down on the number of gorgeous women hitting on you.

      Wives are funny that way. My ex wouldn't take care of vehicles (that was my job). Since she beat on her car, she got to drive a beater.

  5. Mine- '97 Cummins powered with 265,000 miles. Noisy. Stinks. I love it.
    Her's- 2014 Taurus SHO. Parks itself. Nags when you leave your lane. She loves it.

    Funny what's important to each of us, ain't it?

  6. She's happy, you are happy. That is what is important. Between car sales and being a Roush evaluation driver, I've driven some exotic vehicles. Great fun, so long as I'm not buying them.