Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bison and Cops

Working for Steve Lance's Cowboy Corral Kia has provided material for many blog postings. Working for Steve was seldom boring and often brought unique assignments.

Steve had some items at a high-end antique consignment shop including a wall mounted bison head. Seems insects were infesting the mount and the store wanted it gone, now. Steve sent me to fetch it. (yep, a good assignment for a top level senior executive) At the time,  I was using a minivan with the seats removed in lieu of a truck. The van had very dark tinted windows.
A city policeman pulled me over. He thought I was driving a wee bit over the speed limit. Coming up to the driver's window, he glanced in the back. The glass eyes of the bison head were staring back at him. He visibly recoiled.

After a fairly long question and answer session and document check, he sent me on my way with a stern warning. Still wonder how many times he told the story of that unusual traffic stop.
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