Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson, MO My two cents.

Old saying, everyone has an opinion and an anus, and both smell. That said my opinion on the Ferguson, MO fiasco.

 A poorly trained and maybe unqualified police officer from a poorly run police department meets a stoner thug, and the thug dies. Perhaps the best summation of the Ferguson, MO fiasco I’ve read is by Peter Grant.

Then I read stuff on Facebook, posted by liberals, that makes me wonder if we live in alternate universes.  This takes time to read, but the absolute blindness to facts, and the editorial slant, boggles my mind.

This type of thinking only obscures the basic problem. In St. Louis County, the citizens are living with a corrupt set of self serving local governments that are all about money, and not about public safety or service. Most of the county is a “ticket trap” according to friends that have lived there, and articles posted in Peter’s blog. I sympathize with the frustration and anger of the people who live there. So, how do you change a corrupt system? Not by the thinking displayed by this liberal. That obscures the role of corrupt officials and gives excuses for thugs.

Looking at history, a lot of changes have come about by people using pitchforks and torches, just saying. 4G warfare, anyone?

And finally.


  1. From the '12-things' article: "Michael Brown was a good kid..."

    Yeah, right. A good kid who stole a box of cheap cigars and wrapped his hands around the throat of the store owner who tried to stop him. That's not my definition of 'a good kid.'

    What a mess...

    1. How can you have any respect for someone who won't let facts derail the "narrative"?

  2. Replies
    1. I try to consider everyone's point of view until they start making up their own "facts". Then it is like teaching a pig to sing. Wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.

  3. In all the reading I've done about it, almost no one has pointed out that the choices made by Michael Brown culminated in his death.

    And of course the headlines don't say "Robber Killed by Police Officer"... they say "Unarmed Black Man Gunned Down". Race baiting isn't only done by Al Sharpie and the Revrunt Jesse anymore.

    It makes me sick. All of it. Did he deserve to die for being an asshole? No. But he chose the wrong path if he wanted to live.

  4. I shared your link on Facebook. My blood boils when I read something which seems too far right or left. There are problems on both sides. However, again, today, I am not happy with the mayor throwing Wilson under the bus either. And we need to move forward, not spin our wheels. Grrr. Ok. I'm going to have some coffee now that I got all frustrated again. LOL