Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Deed Goes Bad

I've had a few of these for years, and one half of a pair has been lost. Today I passed a bicyclist riding the shoulder who blended in with the background. He was wearing grey and black on a black bike against cottonwood trees lining the river.

After taking care of business in the next town South, dropped into the Kum and Go convenience store to make a deposit in my IRA (bought a lottery ticket). The bicyclist was there, taking a break. I offered him the one orphan triangle, explaining he was hard to see. He was pleased, and said he had plastic ties to secure it.

After the restroom (us old guys never pass one) and the IRA deposit, went back to my truck. The bicyclist was bleeding heavily from his hand. Seems when he cut off the excess tie, the knife was dull and the force of cutting caused him to cut himself.  I donated a fairly clean rag. He came up with some gauze and tape, so I did the first aid thing. Wish my youngest, the medic, was there.

Very pleasant young man, probably mid thirties, and, based on some impressive tats, a soldier/sailor/marine/airman at some time. The organization of small stuff sacks and small packs on his bike was impressive.

Brief conversation brought out he was from Nebraska and heading to Portland, OR via Phoenix. Bet he wishes he never met me! However, he now has a bright safety triangle on his bike.
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