Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The need for laws would go away if we all followed the Golden Rule. As a species, we don’t, so laws are made to get us to act the right way and penalize us when we don’t. With this as a starting point, our cleverness has produced a nearly infinite variation of the same theme.

The current political rhetoric in this country shows how angry many are with the prevaricators at the controls of our institutions. Yes, I know, Captain Obvious.

One tactic used is defunding. Don’t want a law enforced? Stop funding the administration of that law. Courtesy of the gun grabbers, check out Question 7.

Courtesy of the eight years of the Bush Administration? Defunding the financial regulators. When Bush left office, 71 bank examination positions for the FDIC were unfilled. I have no idea how many agencies had similar situations.

Lots of proposals out there. All would cause some loss of power by those who now have power. They are not likely to willingly relinquish that power. Again, Captain Obvious. So, term limits, and not just for elected officials. There needs to be accountability of career bureaucrats, swift and sure.

I see a 2nd Amendment solution coming; one that would weaken us and make us more vulnerable to our world enemies. I hope I’m wrong.


Old NFO said...

Sadly, I'm beginning to agree... I'm thinking we (2A) will be thrown under the bus along with a lot of others in the push to "govern" us...

Anonymous said...

While this may be true, perhaps there is a tad of "Chicken Little" in your thinking. Just a thought.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hope there is a lot of chicken little in my thinking. Always hope that my pessimism is wrong.