Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evil Car Sellers

Another car lot story has been requested. Balloons! Lots use hundreds of balloons and many tanks of helium each month trying to attract customers and create excitement. They have other, sinister, uses.

We had an asshat manager who needed spinning. He was required to return to the store whenever a burglar alarm was tripped. One cold night we turned the heat up in the service department until it was nice and toasty. Just before closing we inflated and released a few white balloons in the service bays to float against the white ceiling. Then the heat was turned down. A couple of hours later the heaters with fans kicked on, the balloons started moving, and the alarm sounded.

His wife had to drive him to the store. With two DUIs and half in the bag, he couldn't be caught driving. His wife was angry and the police who responded weren't in a good mood, especially on the third call early in the morning.

Strangely, I was accused. My defense, that I wasn't smart enough to come up with the idea, wasn't completely accepted. The waste of police time was regretable but they did have an opportunity to charge him with being an asshat, drunk and disorderly, or other creative ideas.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, "sometimes" payback REALLY is worth it! :-)