Thursday, January 26, 2017


You are doing mechanical work and your hands are filthy. Your bladder is demanding attention. Washing your hands will only increase the urgency.

Do you wash your hands, risking an accidental discharge, or do you expose precious member to the filth on your digits?


  1. Wear mechanic's rubber gloves. Oh wait, that involves planning ahead. you really need a life if this is the most important and pressing matter right now. Sisty

  2. Being a long time gearhead, I learned many years ago how to pee without touching my willie.

    Takes a bit of practice, but it can be done.

    Failing that, I always have a box of throw away rubber gloves from Harbor Freight. If I'm going to be doing something really nasty, like repacking wheel bearings, I put them on before I start.

    If my hands aren't level 4 HAZMAT dirty, and I really gotta pee, I put them on over my dirty hands.

    1. See the above remark from my loving sister.

  3. Grab the weasel, and hold it or it will whip around like an untended fire hose. Give it extra attention at night in the shower and wash it clean.

  4. LOL, agree with LL, in for a penny, in for a pound. When you gotta go, you gotta!!! Except if you've been eating jalapenos, THEN you wash first!!!

  5. Too much washing and,,,,,you'll be happy!

  6. I always just picked up a rag and unfurled it that way, making sure the rag didn't hand down and swinging into the stream. Even if it did, just toss the rag into the wash pile. Or just sit down (make sure the seat is down, first).

  7. Does your neighbor have a swimming pool? Or if it is too cold, just go outside, let it rip and chip off the ice once it freezes.