Thursday, September 15, 2016

Job Offer

A young man who spent some time "under my wing" bought an ownership position in a used car lot a few months ago. He is finding the difference between owner and manager in terms of personal time off wearing. Asked me to come work there part time.

Ah, no, as in no fucking way, no. Twenty+ years of walking on asphalt and gravel and being on my feet for hours at a time, may be the cause of my barely functioning knees.

Then there is the public. For years I believed I could get anyone to like me for an hour. Now that is down to about fifteen minutes.

Finally there is the issue of patience. I've heard of it but never personally experienced it.

Money has never been my God and my current situation more than meets my needs. So it is thanks, but no thanks.


  1. Yep, time for that particular 'bird' to be on his own...

    1. Have a long history with he and his family.

    2. They are good people. That said, my core belief is, when you work at a family owned business, stay the hell out of the family's business. They may regard me as "Uncle Frank". I don't, and won't.

  2. Yep! We are too old and wise to put up with stuff anymore. Wisdoem comes with age, that is why they take young guys for the military. They have no idea about life. Besides, if I needed a lot of money that bad, I'd go into politics.

  3. Patience - isn't that what doctors have?

  4. At this stage of the game, if it don't make me happy, I just say no. Nothing ruins relationships than the employment angle.