Friday, January 22, 2016

Not me, Thank You Very Much

Do believe this Penske Trailer is a tad short for the truck loaded on it. 

Peter Grant, Bayou Renaissance Man, will soon be pulling a similar trailer.

One hopes his load fits better.

During my years in the car biz had many occasions to pull a trailer with a vehicle on it, or a dolly. I wouldn't pull that load in the picture on that trailer. For the record, I loath dollies.

Once I attempted to haul a heavy RV on an inadequate trailer from Pierre, SD to Colorado. I ended up hauling it a few short miles to a storage lot. Friends and family couldn't believe I exercised common sense. What? Even a fool can see when something is too foolish!


  1. Sometimes we have to 'afro-engineer' things to get what we want or where we are going.

  2. Been there many times. In this case his cheap Harbor Freight tie downs are a joke. He needs to chain down that rear axle to the trailer. My crappy picture doesn't show two straps from his rear bumper to the trailer. They are about 2" wide. Should be 6" or chains with boomers. Can't have the pickup suspension moving. You are an old trucker. Would you haul it that way?

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  4. I'm betting that truck came off that trailer... sigh

    1. Hopefully the first competent LEO who spotted it pulled him over and ordered him off the road.

  5. I would not drive with that load in my rear end. It would need to have a bigger trailer. That is like putting skinny pants on my fat ass.

  6. skinny pants on my fat ass

    Pictures please.