Thursday, September 4, 2014

Karma: Payback Is A Bitch

In the years of selling cars, one of the situations that stood out involved otherwise intelligent people who were woefully ignorant of both the product and process. Watching them try to conduct business in a confident and “professional” manner, while they really didn’t have a clue, was a private enjoyment. Much like me with computers.

I’m facing the need to replace or update two desktops, and I’m feeling that awful lack of knowledge. In addition, I am cheap, not frugal, Scrooge Mc Duck cheap, and wanting to go used or refurbished when you don't know squat, is not fun. Feels like the ghosts of car deals past are looking down and laughing their asses off.

Who is to blame? Who has spent years learning just enough to use a fraction of the computer's capability, and not bothering to master using a computer?
I'm not sure, but want to kick his ass.


  1. From yer old tech friend here......computers have not really changed that much in the past 10 years or so. It will always be the same and boils down to one thing 01110 0010 0101 and how fast or slow it processes those numbers.

    What does change is operating systems. Unless you're big on gaming or high resolution graphics. All a computer needs to do is do what you need it to do! You don't need that latest and greatest if the only tasks are going to word processing or getting on the internet.

    My only concern about refurbs is.....not knowing why it needed to be refurbed. I want to know the reason for what ever repair was done. You'll never know. You could be buying a lemon, a word I KNOW you're familiar with! Unless it has a stout "local" warranty, I would hedge on that.

    Plus keep in mind. Technology moving the way it is. A one or two year old computer isn't worth very much. Don't over pay. Personally, I wouldn't pay over a couple hundred bux for a computer that age and I might try to dicker down from that price,

    The other drawback of a used computer is not knowing the environment it lived in. Two major killers is was it smoked around and how many critters are in the place it lived in. Those cooling fans will suck in anything that's in the air around them.

    Hope this helps.

    1. This does help. I'm talking with a man who bought 20 HP DC5100 from a company that moved out of state (his story) that he has refurbished. His prices start at $60. To get where I want to be (Windows 7 with Office and wifi capable, we are looking at $160. Local Craigslist has over 200 adds. I've bought a lot of cameras and GPS units at pawn shops, but am not comfortable buying computers from pawn shops. Decisions, decisions.

  2. $160 isn't bad. You can get a low end one new for $300...

    1. I think that is the way to go. My nose gets fixed Monday. Want to see how that goes, and how I feel. My mental sharpness hasn't come back. What are to be replaced were low end new. Gateway. They still work so no rush. I just want to stay ahead of the power curve.

  3. I'm not a big fan of HP. One thing you may want to do is stick with one that has an Intel processor. There's a LOT of crap out there....