Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dash Camera Saves a Reputation

Sisty is an Independent Insurance Adjuster, experienced in truck accidents among other insurance claims. Her office, and more particularly her by name, are often called upon when a client's truck is involved in an accident.

Earlier this week, there was a bad one near her office. Without going into all the details, two large box trucks ended up colliding head on. One driver lost his legs. But for the help of two passing motorists with first aid knowledge, he would have lost his life.

One truck was equipped with two dash cameras. When the State Troopers reviewed the recordings, they spotted two other drivers acting stupid in front of the truck before it went out of control and into oncoming traffic.

Serious citations are in progress as the evidence is processed. The driver's reputation is cleared. One imagines the company's managers are grateful they invested in the technology.

Sisty always tries to find something positive in the worst situations. As she points out, two trucks of similar size and weight, hitting head on, is better than one truck hitting a car or van with a family aboard.

These dash cameras aren't terrible expensive, often less than a decent GPS. I'm considering getting one. Takes the, "He said, she said", out of the equations, don't you agree?


  1. Yep, they can save one's life too...

  2. And if you think it could be detrimental, you could always IRS the drive.

  3. Almost like getting another insurance policy, isn't it?
    I hadn't ever thought about getting a camera, in fact I just thought they were a police thing.
    Interesting to ponder... going to go look on Amazon now.

    1. Useful for identifying hit and run drivers.