Friday, March 28, 2014

Settled Science, Spin Doctor Edition

Changes in the sun’s energy output may have led to marked natural climate change in Europe over the last 1000 years, according to researchers at Cardiff University.
So reads the lead of an article appearing in Heritage Daily.

Despite a reasoned report, they can’t resist inserting political correctness and environmental dogma, to wit.

Predictions suggest a prolonged period of low sun activity over the next few decades, but any associated natural temperature changes will be much smaller than those created by human carbon dioxide emissions, say researchers.


The study concludes that although the temperature changes expected from future solar activity are much smaller than the warming from human carbon dioxide emissions, regional climate variability associated with the effects of solar output on the ocean and atmosphere should be taken into account when making future climate projections.

Settled science, my ass.


  1. Heh... yep STILL shoveling that climate change crap off on us...

  2. As a HAM radio guy. We hope and pray for the new sun spot cycle to hasten!! Makes for GREAT communications with little power required to do it. These people are putzes! Trying make something outta something we HAM radio people have known years. Sun cycles are just that.....cyclical!!

    1. Isn't it amazing that people without "degrees" actually know their stuff?