Sunday, March 16, 2014

Team Obama Cheerleaders aka MSNBC

Recently scrolling through MSNBC, their bias is so blatant they don’t even try to camouflage it. Slanted headlines, attacks on Republicans, and Tea Party smears were the only political stories. Not a single criticism of Obama and/or Democrats was evident.

So why am I even looking at MSNBC? A combination of laziness and deficient computer skills are the main culprits.

As a technological Latter Day Luddite, I resisted entering the digital age until 2003 when I bought a laptop. At the time I was organizing automobile off site sales. The details were complex, there was a need to communicate beyond just cell phones, and keeping track of costs was time consuming. Time was my most precious commodity. As an example, reviewing and approving advertising copy that needed to happen “Right Now”. The software was Windows XP, and I got an MSN email account which I still have.

I mainly use Google now as I have half assed mastered it and find it useful. Of course, this blog is on Google.

Once had Mozilla – Firefox as the dealership websites were maintained (?) on it. By personnel defaults, I ended up in charge of advertising and maintaining the sites. Didn’t find anything I liked, for myself, on Mozilla.

Some of the other news sources give me problems. Fox, for instance, loads my computer with so much advertising and tracking cookies I start getting screen freezes. After using it, I need to run an AVG utility to clean the computer.

Living in Colorado, our major newspaper is another Team Obama cheerleader. I refuse to subscribe to it, either digital or dead tree.

Still, the internet is beyond compare for inquiring minds. Almost worth learning new ^$*(& to use it.  Perhaps the biggest revelation is how dismal the Fourth Estate has become.
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