Monday, October 12, 2015

Professional Wrestlers

LL at Virtual Mirage
mentioned a professional wrestler he knew as a youngster. Started a trip down memory lane.

Downtown Denver once had the Stockmans Hotel, a large place that took up a city block. The “ballroom” was huge and was the venue for wrestling and boxing. It would seat upwards of 3,500.  Off and on during the 1960’s I worked security. Our job was mainly tossing out drunks.

One night two wrestlers who hated each other threw away the script and went at it for real. I think wives/girlfriends/mitresses were the cause of the hard feelings. They were pounding the shit out of each other. The promoter came running up to my partner and I.

“Get up there and stop them”, he ordered.

“Uh, hell no”, was our reply.

Finally there was a winner. After he left the ring, we willingly got in the ring and assisted the loser out to an ambulance. Weren’t we nice guys?

The only wrestler I remember from those days was Wahoo McDaniels, who also played for the Denver Broncos. A very nice gentleman but I wouldn’t have wanted to irritate him.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aunt Nancy's 80th

Two weeks ago we attended our maternal aunt’s 100th birthday. Today was a gathering in honor of a paternal aunt’s 80th birthday. This post is for those family members who couldn’t attend but anyone is free to read it.

Wheatridge lies WNW of downtown Denver about twelve miles and is near Golden. Starting in the early 1900’s it was farmed in small parcels as truck gardens to supply Denver. Later, the area raised carnations. Today it is part of the urban sprawl.

My great grandfather bought land with an existing sod house and then built a fine brick house next door for his parents.

My grandfather homesteaded land West of Maybell, CO (Moffat County) around 1913 and there was a steady migrating back and forth between the soddy and the homestead.

These are photographs taken of the family gathering and the Cider Festival, an annual event put on by the Wheatridge Historical Society.

Here are some pictures of the ongoing development  by  cousins of another 100 year old house on what was once a truck garden. As you can see they are using shipping containers. Progress has been slow as they have paid as they built while upgrading the original house.

 For all you who couldn’t attend, know we had a grand time gossiping about you and telling lies. You should have come to defend yourselves.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reliable Renewable Energy, My Ass

For what this 100+ windmill project cost, four state of the art coal or natural gas could be built. Or, gasp! Nuclear.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Over the Top?

A comment I made on a Facebook posting today. She had put up something from the New York Times.

So sick of the high priests and priestess of the Church of Assumed Moral High Ground bloviating their opinions as facts and using "sources" who's research methodology is crap by any accepted standard. Sorry *****, we will never agree.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Strange Stuff That Interests Me

This is an eroded area I see  my travels. I wonder how this one area came to be eroded when the surrounding area didn't. The soil appears to be dried mud while the surrounding area appears to be leoss hills. The eroded area appears to be nearly vertical. Nothing else in the area is close to being vertical.

Any ideas? (Yes Sisty, most everyone knows I'm about a bubble off plumb).

Striking Back

Fighting back, social media division. As sure as the sun rises, the (P)regressive gun grabbers are molesting electrons at a furious pace about the Oregon shooting. Outright  lies and “spin” distortions,  correlation = causation, etc. I “follow” several, relatives, friends, and high school classmates among others on Facebook. Don't Twitter, or any other activity except this blog.

For about the last six months I’ve been calling them on their bullshit. They don’t like it. They have been successful for years with these tactics, even twice electing our current disaster of a President. Time to call them out. Why do I do it? For one I run a high asshole factor and enjoy poking holes in pompous self appointed priest and priestess of the assumed moral high ground. For another, I firmly believe you shouldn’t spend all your time and energy with those who already agree with you.

Who knows, maybe I can change a few minds. I know my mind has been changed on some issues by their postings. Better a shouting war than a shooting war if that can be avoided.