Friday, April 24, 2015

Snark Attack

A few years ago, I worked with a young man with a huge drinking problem. That probably would have been tolerated but he was marginal at best as a salesman. He did, however, put me down as hard as anyone in my life.

I bumped into him the other day and was reminded of that day.

I was getting some crap about my expanding waistline from several co workers. Wanting to shut them up I said,

 “When you have a magnificent tool, you need to protect it with a shed roof”.

There was a moment of silence then he said,

 “Especially if it is an antique and doesn’t work anymore”.

Since murder was off the table, all I could do was laugh.

Do you wonder where my blogger name comes from?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Got Nothing, Want to Blog

Nothing much to say but that has never stopped me.

Last night a  Flight for Life landed on the hospital roof as I was about to leave. Saw it at a different viewpoint than usual, from underneath and five stories up. It was about 0320 and the heliport lights were illuminating the rotor. Awesome sight. I've always been impressed with those Flight for Life pilots.

Some poor soul was shot earlier, around 0200, on a portion of I-25 I often drive as a courier, and at the time I am on that route. No motive given at this time.

My sister, the Insurance Adjuster, has been working her derriere off on the two multi truck wrecks in two days on I-80 in Wyoming. She said the second scene looked like 9/11 Ground Zero. Among the many terrible tragedies was a two woman team. One was killed. The other, asleep in the sleeper portion, was ejected, injured, and everything she had burned up (clothes, drivers license, credit cards). Imagine being on the side of a mountain in freezing fog, with only the (torn) clothes you are wearing while your friend is dead and all your possessions and livelihood is burning. There is more to the story but my sister has conflict of interests issues due to different clients. My sister, by the by, is the most ethical adjuster you will ever meet. That pisses off a lot of people. Shoot, she won't even discuss many things with her “Big Brudder”.

Have the next four days off. May take a day and visit the Pawnee Buttes and Grasslands, a favorite place. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Management Woes

The pictures are of the Prius I drive. It has been in service less than 60 days. None of those marks were caused by me (there but for the grace……) The incident of hitting a curb two days ago by the driver I relieve ruined a tire and bent a rim.

My employer was recently acquired by a larger and allegedly better funded company. Merging the two corporate cultures isn't going well. As an example, the Prius I drive’s temporary registration expired 4/10/15. An extension isn't hard to obtain, nor terrible costly. Instead, all of us drivers are now scofflaws. We are assured the company will pay any tickets. Gee, that is comforting but having that on my driving record won’t help my personal insurance premiums.

I keep reminding myself I am a retired ringmaster and only a fill in monkey in this particular circus. It is hard to see sloppy practices and disorganization, things that don't cost much money to fix, and not say anything. Little things like no toner for the copy machine and no towels or toilet paper in the bathroom and twelve post’ems on the edges of a computer monitor are red flags to an old manager like me.

The folks who work full time and count on that paycheck to feed their families and pay their bills have my sympathy. The day to day uneasiness and questions of long term survival can’t be easy for those who can think. Like most firms, most of the workers are in condition “White”.

As lesson learned in the dim past from college business classes is workers will intuitively determine management’s dominant desires, regardless of management’s proclamations, and fill those dominant desires. The example is rude bank tellers who may get scolded for being rude but will be fired if their tills don't balance. On that basis, I can only conclude the management wants chaos and confusions as that is what they are getting. My conclusion? The top managers have their collective heads up their asses.

Am I a hypocrite for staying on the job? Don’t think so, as again, I'm a fill in temporary money in that traveling circus. I'm keeping my mouth firmly shut. The last thing I want at this stage of my life is to go back to herding cats, and they might try to promote me if I appear to be an answer to their problems.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

No Easter Rising

Being a well seasoned fool prone to foolish situations,  I recently was in a conversation with those of the progressive bent. Firearms control and citizen rebellion were discussed. Citizen rebellion was part of the discussion along with “gun confiscation”.

The progressives seem to envision some form of the 1916 Easter Rising with the police and military under their control and direction.

My mention of Generation IV warfare was greeted by dumb stares. They had no idea what I was yakking about.

The idea that Americans can be forced to do anything for long is to ignore our history. Be it neo communist Progressives with their collectivist power dreams or evangelical assholes railing about “Queers” and abortion and working to make their views the law of the land, they all have forgotten the bedrock principle of Americanism, “Leave me the hell alone”.

Our history is full of resistance to domination. Here are just three unrelated examples.

1.    The massive resistance to Prohibition.
2.    The Deacons for Defense and Justice.
3.    The 60’s radicals.

Since few, if any, (P)regressives read this blog, nothing new is offered to regular readers. My fear is this country may implode leaving us vulnerable to our foreign enemies, and the horrors of civil war.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Springtime In The Rockies

Sherman Summit on Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne. Photos are credited to the Wyoming State Patrol.
My sister, the Insurance Adjuster, and her office are there doing the necessary aftermath work. 

Sitting fifty miles South, we are receiving much needed rain with a small amount of snow mixed in. We are blessed.

Sherman Summit is about 8,200 ft asl, and is the highest point on the Union Pacific railroad. 

Interstate 80 through Wyoming is challenging. West to East, from Evanston to Lyman,  there are three climb and descent sections usually called, "The Three Sisters".  

From Creston Junction to Rawlins is a section infamous for high wind blowovers. 

East of Rawlins to Laramie is Elk Mountain. Year around black ice (I once hit some late at night in July), winter blizzards, and high winds. Once observed a pickup with a fifth wheel RV blown over while parked on the shoulder near Anderson.That day was so windy the tailwind gave my Lincoln Town Car 31 mpg instead of the usual 22.

From Laramie to Cheyenne is Sherman Summit. The portion around Buford, while not as steep, is prone to ground blizzards.

Cheyenne to the Nebraska line? You are not home free, Bubba. High winds and black ice has closed that Section of I-80 many times.

Over the years I've driven on I-80 countless times, and even before on US 30. The truckers who make their living running that route have my upmost respect and admiration. As for outright guts? The Wyoming State Patrol  troopers!

ADDENDUM:  Video here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rachel Maddow is Wrong Again (Surprise, surprise)

"After the Republican gains in the 2010 midterms, Congress has fallen on hard times. The legislative branch has approved no meaningful legislative accomplishments in over four years"

Yes, Rachel, they have. Four years of blocking stupid and wasteful Progressive wet dreams is a worthy accomplishment.


Friday, April 10, 2015

#@%^$&^** Construction

The home city has two of the four lane N-S arterials I most often use tore up. Of course, the damn sheeple just plod along texting and picking their noses. Alternate routes, which I take, are all two lane city streets which take more time. 

For my sins, have spent the last two days in Fort Collins. Leaving Northbound I-25 at the North end of Fort Collins is Mulberry aka Highway 287 aka Highway 14, a four lane arterial used by those going to Laramie, WY and Walden, CO. The bridge over the Cache la Poudre river is closed Eastbound and is being rebuilt. Say you want to go to Laramie. North on Mulberry across the river then turn 45 degrees to the right onto Riverside. Parallel the railroad tracks for a few block then another 45 degrees to the right onto College (four lanes) + 287 +14.  College extends about four miles then becomes two lanes. Eventually, you escape into open country. OK, not so bad? On your return, the right lane of College is blocked, Riverside is one lane, and Mulberry is closed. Want to get to I-25? About one mile Southeast down  Riverside, make a 270 degree left turn on Lemay that will take you to Eastbound Mulberry. The traffic is a mix of cars, 18 wheelers, farm trucks, and large pickups pulling gooseneck trailers. Fun, fun, fun!

When I need to go West on I-80 in Wyoming I will drive the extra 22 miles to Cheyenne. That way takes you over Sherman Summit, the highest point on the Union Pacific system at  8,000+ feet but I don't care. My sister, on the other hand, dislikes Sherman Summit. One of the many things we agree to disagree about, and do so disagreeable.

It is going to be a long Spring and Summer.