Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adventures in Organic Living

While not a fanatic, I do try to keep my apartment at least sanitary. Much to my surprise, I was infested with small black and grey flying bugs that multiplied at an astonishing rate. What they found to eat I can’t imagine.

Went the chemical route, sprays and foggers, with no noticeable reduction. Fly paper got some of them but not enough. Google is your friend and I found the apple cider vinegar postings. It works. Vinegar, water, and a few drops of liquid soap in a dish. Set one out in each room and wait a few days.

They must lay eggs that take their own time hatching. Weeks will pass then I start seeing them flitting about. Reset the traps and a few days later they are gone.

The problem with all of this is it leaves your apartment smelling like the end of a three day drunken party. Not unpleasant, but visitors tend to look at you askance.

If you have made it this far, you now know how boring my life is, if this is the best I can come up with for a blog posting.


  1. I thought this was an excellent post.

    Public service announcement, you're helping your fellow man.

    (Oh, can i say that?)

  2. I didn't realize that your life included visitors.


  3. Oh lawdy. Aliens. Intruders. Kill, murder, death. Hey, at least they aren't in your shorts.

  4. Those #$#%&# gnats are a PITA! But what you found does work!!! :-)

    1. It works but takes awhile, usually around ten days for my problem.

  5. We get them eveyr now and them, too. And the vinegar does work... if we can keep the cat away from the dish.