Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Customer Service Fails - Century Link Edition

I'm moving about three miles after the 1st and wanted to get my internet service arranged. Currently, I use Century Link.

While I'm spending two days trying to make contact with them, my bill arrives. Hello, jacked up my cost and changed my billing date.

Finally get through on "Chat' so I can cancel only to be informed I cannot do that except by telephone. Oh joy, doing business with the phone company on a phone. Spent a total of 48 minutes on hold without getting a live person. OK, hit the prompt for "new service". Get through in just three minutes. So sorry Eleanor, but you got the short straw. However, you did handle my request properly, and I received a confirming email.

For my sins, I next tried Comcast. Got "Lynn", Engrich as a second language, and an auctioneering school graduate who soon heard silence on my end. Fortunately, there is a Comcast office near the new digs. Went in and arranged service.

Guess I'm the only person in the USA who wants Internet only. No, I don't watch TV. Yes,  I own a TV, cathode tube model, and a DVD player. It is used when I have company. No, I'm not interested in packages so please don't insist on explaining all in great detail.

Karma, payback, for all those years selling cars.

While never saying never, I can't forsee using Century Link in the future.
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