Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Border Wars and Economics

First day for legal recreational pot purchases in Colorado. Talking TV heads report a large portion of today's customers are from out of State. Since Colorado borders seven states and is 48 road miles from the Texas line, we may have a new revenue generator.

Or maybe not. Retail prices are around $200 for a legal ounce. Smallest quantity being sold is 1/8 ounce for $45 plus tax. From what I hear, that is about double the illegal sale street price. In addition, the unlicensed pharmacists will deliver, are flexible on what they accept for payment, and offer more than one product.

Price, convenience, and selection; why switch?

Since my last ingestion of illegal herbal products was circa 1970, I'm simply an amused bystander. I will drive the extra 21 miles by going via Cheyenne to Laramie (home of the University of Wyoming) on I-25 and I-80 instead of US 287 from Ft. Collins to Laramie. Instead of Ragtime Cowboy Joe, there will be Stoner Cowboy Joe. That is a challenging highway for a sober driver on a sunny day.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture!!! So many people forget about firework sales. Having been in that business it was interesting to see how the Wyoming folks LOVED the Colorado green for their products (multi-colored) & now they are whining about our other GREEN coming north. Vice is matter the color. To steal one of your statements "your mileage may vary".


Well Seasoned Fool said...

In the 60's Colorado had some of the lowest liquor prices in the area. Off duty LEOs would watch Harry Hoffman Liquor for out of state customers and call in license plate and vehicle descriptions to various "revenuers" for some extra cash. Maybe we will see something similar now.

Scotty said...

My almost daughter in law was praising this as and end to the cartels....I snickered and told her that they'll just sell the stuff cheaper. I enjoyed the puzzled look on her face!

Also....I see Magpul is leaving you fine state!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Since pot heads have become accustomed to breaking the law, why change unless there is an economic benefit. Possesion? The law addresses quantity, not sources.

Magpul? Law of Unintended Consequences. Their headquarters was in Boulder County, Colorado's epicenter for moonbats and convoluted county government. Soon to be another empty office park to go along with many others in Boulder County.