Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Romance and Business

The most hardcore auto repo man in the Denver area recently wanted my help. He was after a very high end SUV. The debtors workplace has controlled parking and they live in a gated community. My job was to wait outside the gated community in the evening hours. When the debtor drove away, I was to follow and call the repo man.

A delightful lady and I have been meeting for coffee and conversation. This job interfered with a "date" so I invited her to share an evening surveillance. She agreed. As luck would have it, the debtors left their community and we followed them to a shopping area with a four story parking garage.

The repo man soon arrived pulling a 18' goose neck trailer with a winch. Thankfully, he didn't ask me to maneuver the trailer. (See Watch Out!! May 10, 2009) In short order, the SUV was skidded onto the trailer, the repo man left, and I returned the lady to her car. An enjoyable evening; delightful company and money made!

Arriving the next morning to be paid, repo man said he would pay me extra if I could get the keys. This SUV has a complex ignition/security system and is very expensive to "re key". After reaching the debtor by phone, I asked for the return of all sets of keys in return for him retrieving his personal property. His initial response wasn't positive until I explained we had yet to force entry into the vehicle; it was still on the trailer. To protect ourselves, when we did force entry, an off duty police officer would be hired to inventory all the contents. Within two hours, the debtor arrived with all keys.

Moral of the story; Even if you are a big time mover and shaker - don't make the strokes, lose the spokes. Also, repo men have no obligation to be truthful.


Anonymous said...

You sure know how to give a girl a good time!


Old NFO said...

LOL- Sounds like fun all the way around, AND some $$ in the pocket :-)

Anonymous said...

And my brother wonders why he is still single. Go Figure!!!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Dear Sis,

As you well know, I try not to get involved with anyone crazier than myself. No, you should not snort when you think of some of my past relationships.

Anonymous said...

The most hardcore repo man in denver...... is that what "they" say?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"They" say he is the man Kaplan calls for help.