Friday, April 1, 2016

Rocky Mountain High

Living in Colofornia is a never ending circus. From prairie dog defenders to the special lunacy of Pitkin County (Aspen) and the People’s Republic of Boulder there is almost always something in the news.

The Broncos play in Mile High Stadium. Naming rights come and go as the firms owning them go bankrupt.

Now, on April 1st, a marijuana firm wants to buy the naming rights.

Marijuana now being legal (somewhat) in Colorado, the jokes will be endless.

Wonder if you can get weed along with your beer?


  1. What a conundrum for a liberal - it's okay to legalize marijuana, but should outdoor smoking be allowed?

  2. Weed was okay back in the day. Now days I had rather have a cold beer. But if I had to live around those dickwads, I'd have to up it to hard liquor, and for self protection, I would have to stop carrying. I don't do P.C. or Liberals very well.

    1. Those who indulge tell me the weed today against earlier stuff is like lite beer vs moonshine. Can't prove it by me. Last weed for me was around 1969.

    2. That was a very good year...sffftt, eerrr....

  3. It's so fitting, tho, isn't it? Gah. +1 on CenTex Tim