Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Ramble

A low income project in what passes for a ghetto in this small Northern Colorado city. In 2014 this was under water. Seems we have "1,000 Year", "500 Year" and "100 Year" floods every two to three years.

An "Albuquerque Low" forms in New Mexico. As the winds circulate around it, moisture is carried to the East Side of the Colorado Front Range where it meets winds from the West and North and more Pacific moisture. The system stalls and the rains fall. Then we get floods from hell.

Naturally, urban planners know this but approved a subsidized low income project where there was standing water in 2014.

There has been not a single flood control measure taken since 2014 on the Cache La Poudre river.

The housing is needed. Low income subsidized housing will, I fear, only increase the problems of gangs and crime in that area. Oh well, it is off the beaten path the gentry take.

One nice part of my part time job are nice sunrises in Wyoming.

Most folks don't associate Wyoming with fog - wrong. Along the Laramie Rivers and the North Platte it can get close to zero visibility. The first 40 miles or so North of Cheyenne can reduced your speed to the 30 mph range. So, blizzards in the winter, fog in the summer. Spring? Just a lull between blizzards or so it seems. We've had a wet enough winter that we should have a "green" Wyoming this summer. Folks who live there, or have lived there, will know what I mean.

Obama's war on coal is producing long lines at food banks in Gillette, something locals can't remember ever happening. Too bad the S.C.O.A.M.F. can't make war on ISIS with the same efficiency his administration does on the domestic energy business. 

Recently added another vehicle to the household, a 1987 Bronco II. Living large as the Mitsubishi is a 1986. Must learn to pace myself.

Yes, some body cancer in the doors. Near as we can tell about 104,000 miles. Too many indicators the miles aren't 204,000. 2.9 V-6, 4WD, 5 speed, good clutch, working cruise control and cold A/C.  Getting into the habit of spending money like a politician as I paid $800 for it after some minor fixes. Time will tell is WSF was a fool.


  1. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe there will be a Noah's flood of Biblical proportions and wipe out all of the leaches in the projects, like it did with the Unicorn's with Noah's flood.

    1. Maybe not a good idea for me. My place is only about eight feet higher than that project.

  2. Clutch? What is this 'clutch' you speak of...?

    re: the flooding. There's a small town near here that got flooded a few years ago. A neighborhood in that town stayed dry because the houses were built two feet above grade. After the flood the county came through and raised a couple of roads so they would stay dry during high water. During the next heavy rain the new higher roads channeled all the runoff into that small neighborhood, flooding it.

    Government - it's gonna get you one way or the other.

    1. My knees are starting to ask the same question.
      Government? I know of two devastating fires in CO that could have been stopped quickly. One, Glenwood Springs, a contactor with two bulldozers was prevented from doing anything by a BLM drone. The other, the Colorado Springs Waldo fire, had a USFS drone prevent Sheriff deputies from doing anything.

  3. The best options are always to act BEFORE .gov shows up...