Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Four Seasons In 24 Hours

Yesterday I had the A/C going in the car. Today, full on Heat. Got to love a state where you can experience four seasons in 24 hours.

As per usual, looking at my fuel gauge yesterday, decided I could put off filling up. Clicked on the email this morning to find a stack of work, all marked urgent. Got to fill up in blowing (35 mph) sleet so I could drive to all the locations. Aarrg!

One high point yesterday was the delivery of Old NFO's book, The Grey Man. 

Maybe we will see Spring soon but I won't count on it. The worst blizzard I remember hit in April. It is all good. In this semi desert climate, water, unless it is a 1,000 year flood, is welcome.


  1. Busy is good, and glad the book showed up! I'll be curious to see your comments.

  2. Busy keeps the Credit Union healthy. I'm past what you put on your blog and enjoying the read!

  3. Should say, the account balance at the Credit Union.