Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OMG, OMG, Guns!!!!

Situation: Folks driving through Wyoming on Interstate 80 get into an accident with a Wyoming resident. My sister, the Insurance Adjuster, gets a call to handle the claim.

The pilgrims were is a panic mode. Seems the Wyoming residents HAD GUNS!

"Honey", my sister said, "This is Wyoming." (or words to that effect)

Other than the occasional outlaw motorcycle gang, one seldom hears of shoot outs in Wyoming. My guess you can find firearms in Wyoming vehicles as often as not. Why aren't the streets running red with blood?

How pathetic, that people go into full panic mode just at the sight of a firearm. Damn, we are a nation of wimps!


  1. LOL, if that had been forty years ago, damn near EVERY vehicle had a gun in it, once you got outside the East Coast...

  2. We kept ours in a scabbard behind the seat. In Northwest Colorado you will now find them under the backseat as everyone seems to have gone to crew cabs.

  3. My little brother (Oregon) used to hike over the ridge from our house and hunt on the way to school. Then he walked into the building, stowed his gun in his locker until shop class. Then he and three or four other kids would bring their guns to class and work on them. Cleaning etc.

    Not so long ago, either. He graduated in 1987.

    Guns are scary!!!

  4. They are being taught this at an early age. When a grade schooler bites a pop tart into a shape of a gun and then get suspended for it....it's inevitable! Or, my all time favorite....Legos in the shape of a gun.......

    1. Some places have suspended kids for making a "gun" with their fingers.

      Stupidity squared.