Thursday, August 11, 2016

Please Don't Califoriate Colorado Any Further

If you are middle class with middle class values (work, small government) welcome!

If you are rich, especially Silicon Valley rich, with (P)regressive values, please eat shit and die. 


  1. But the Silicon rich are entitled, don't know. It is a shame they have to hobnob with the rift-raft farmers and ranchers in the area. But don't worry. They'll get laws passed about having all those huge farm thingies on the road.

    1. They do get annoyed around places like Aspen, Avon, and Steamboat Springs. Fuck'em.

  2. djim
    Every time I meet some locals and tell them we're "Escaping Kaliforniastan" they crack up.

    Haven't met anybody who's against our moving there, especially when I mention I'm an NRA Life Member, and a Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

    I came *this close* to getting a part-time job offer at a local range last time we were there....

  3. For whatever reason your comment didn't post. You shouldn't have a problem - our kind of people.