Friday, August 12, 2016

Self Defense Concealed Carry

Disclaimer. Yes, I’m a dirty old man. Get over it.

At the Post Office picking up mail. People watching. Young lady parked and got out of her car. Black low riding jeans, studded belt, and snug black shirt. Maybe 5’ tall. Maybe 90 lbs. She walked with an air of complete confidence and purpose.

Inside the Post Office she went to her box which is within five feet of mine. Took her mail to the counter. In  flash, from out of nowhere, she had a 3” blade folding knife, opened with one hand, and proceeded to slit open envelopes.  She was so quick and smooth spec warriors would be impressed.

It occurred to me her air of competence and confidence was because she knew she could defend herself. I find that a great thing. 


  1. I am in DC and I forgot I had my gun the door of my truck. The valet parking guys found it, and I was visited by 5 policemen. All is well, I think. The confiscated it and, since I didn't make an ass of myself yelling about 2 amendment rights, I may get it back tomorrow or the next day. Lesson learned.

  2. LOL. Good woman. And poor Coffeypot.

    1. My kind of woman. Too bad I have granddaughters older than her.