Thursday, August 4, 2016

American Media Maggots + Trump

h/t to BZ for the descriptive label for what passes for news reporting in this country.

Story after story has Trump doing something wrong even if the press needs to make it up (Trump has crying baby removed from rally). Trump is slipping in the polls. Blah, blah, blah. The Republican Party insiders are in a panic. Trump may drop out. If the story isn't blatantly anti-Trump, there always seems to be an undertone of glee for anything Trump negative. Obvious the "media" is frustrated that all us dummies can't be taught anything by them. Why won't we listen?

Let me say I'm not an enthusiastic Trump supporter. I'm an enthusiastic, "Anybody  but Shillary" supporter. 

Going back to the start of the primaries, the media has been saying all this crap. Didn't stop him from winning the nomination. What it does is get his name out in front of more people at no financial cost to him. Oh, isn't he dumb?

I'm spared all the TV advertising. Unless the Seahawks are on (not often in Bronco country), I don't turn it on. I'm serious. The TV hasn't been turned on for months. Comcast shoves the TV down my throat as part of my internet connection. My sympathy for those of you who must endure all those ads.

This internet gadget has screwed the media out of their monopoly. Beats the hell out of Letters to The Editor. Beats the old mimeograph tracks circulated in the 60's.  Even a grumpy old senior like myself can get his opinions out to the fifty or so readers of this blog. Many bloggers reach a thousand or more a day. Maybe that is why the (P)regressives keep bleating about "net neutrality".

Nothing brilliant here, and I'm certainly not the first to point out how the internet has castrated the American Media Maggots. I'm just hoping Trump is smart enough to use all the tools at his disposal to defeat the most corrupt politician ever to run for President.


  1. Problem is they bred BEFORE they got castrated... sigh