Friday, December 19, 2014


Colorado is unique as the only state to pass the Taxpayers Bill or Rights (TABOR). In addition, Colorado passed the “Gallagher Amendment” setting a statewide standard for assessing residential properties. Both have severely restricted politicians at all levels, city, county, districts, schools, and the state ability to raise taxes.

A brief explanation is here.

The heart of TABOR is this:

 Under TABOR, state and local governments cannot raise tax rates without voter approval and cannot spend revenues collected under existing tax rates without voter approval if revenues grow faster than the rate of inflation and population growth.[1] Revenue in excess of the TABOR limit, commonly referred to as the "TABOR surplus", must be refunded to taxpayers, unless voters approve a revenue change as an offset in a referendum.[2] Under TABOR, the state has returned more than $2 billion to taxpayers.

Full explanation here.

The last refund I received was after a budget passed when the GOP controlled both chambers and the Governor’s office.

The last budget was passed by the (p)regressives controlling both chambers and Wishywashy signed it as governor. Despite their valiant efforts, the state will collect more revenue than anticipated. Oh the horror; money will be given back to citizens instead of funding whacko programs. Naturally (p)regressives are having palpitations.

TABOR was once a national movement but only gained traction in Colorado. More than any single individual, it was pushed through by a certain Douglas Bruce, a California transplant who has become as notorious as Alfred Packer, Colorado’s most prominent cannibal.

One thing Bruce cannot be called is dull. One can only applaud a politician who celebrates his swearing in ceremony by kicking a newspaper photographer.

Why do I find this situation hilarious? Must be a huge character flaw. Why did I write this post? Because I can. Probable result? All three of my readers will drop my blog.


  1. We have something similar in Oregon, the kicker thing... and every time, the fucking Democrats try to stop it. Get that law changed. So far they've not been successful, but this time they might, as they have the majority. And our governor is the world's second biggest asshole. All they do is think about ways to steal from us. And that goes for the fucking Republicans, too. They're all shit.

    Can I say that on your blog?

    1. Can I say that on your blog?

      No problem. That is why I have content warning.

    2. I use 'fuck' as punctuation when I'm crabby. :) Works great... it can be a question, an exclamation, a comma...

      We have the biggest crop of money-grubbing butt sniffers in the entire universe running this country. And I can't even put into words how much I hate them.

    3. And I can't even put into words how much I hate them.

      Could have fooled me.

  2. WSF you can't get rid of us that easily. Mainly because all three of us agree with you.

  3. Glad it's working somewhere... sigh... Sure as hell doesn't work in VA...

    1. Can't prove it, but it seems the longer transplants live in Colorado, the more they become like natives, even in the Peoples Republic of Boulder.