Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here and There

Nothing happening to provoke a rant and nothing interesting happening in my day to day bumbling. Should be my most boring blog posting to date.

As a vaccine skeptic, but not a hard core anti-vaxxer, like anything that supports my refusal to get a flu shot.  

A clear case of police harassment of a “Didn do nuthin” citizen.

Having recently ranted against wind power, time to pick on another target.

Since each of us humans use the earth’s resources, and produce waste and pollution, what is the time frame payback period for the zero pollution of solar panels to offset the pollution of the 79 humans making them? OK, WSF, you are questioning the meme and need to just shut up.

If I’m not on the first draft for the FEMA camps after the (P)regressives take over, I will be bitterly disappointed. Maybe I’m too old and therefore harmless.

As always, YMMV


  1. I don't know how well the flu shots work, but vaccinations for things like smallpox and polio worked like gangbusters. Both are all but eradicated - though they do pop up from time to time in the bowels of the third world.

    1. The science behind vaccinations is solid. The manufacture, storage, and application of vaccines reflects the dismal side of humans IMO.

  2. I got my flu shot because it was free. So far it is working...

    As for the FEMA camp... you will be sent there for re-indoctrination. They will pull you back into the fold, comrade.

    1. "you will be sent there for re-indoctrination".

      Will rely on my military experience in being a passive aggressive asshole. Should be fun!