Monday, April 21, 2014

Those Pesky Fundamental Civil Rights

There is a current effort in the Colorado Legislature to eliminate jury trials for involuntary commitment for mental issues. There would still be a trial; in front of a judge. Already, jury trials have been eliminated for involuntary commitments for “substance abuse”. Since these are deemed “civil” rather than “criminal” cases, supposedly different rules apply. If you are committed, what is the difference, in real terms, then being incarcerated?

The Representative carrying the legislation is one Elizabeth “ Beth” McCann (Dem) CO 8th District (Metro Denver).

From one of the voter education sites is the following biography
McCann's professional experience includes serving as Deputy Attorney General in the Colorado Attorney General's office, Director of the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, Coordinator of the Denver Safe City Office and Manager of Safety for the Denver Department of Safety.

She had introduced this as HB.1253, shot down in committee. Undaunted, she reintroduced it as HB. 1386.

Now I’m sure prosecutors are much happier trying cases in front of judges, whom they can shop for favorable tendencies, then six to twelve average citizens that can see through their bullshit. When it comes to depriving citizens of their liberty, I want it to be harder, not easier, for the machinery of the state to function.

So why is this of any interest to anyone outside of Colorado? I will answer that shortly. Ms. Mcann is a koolaide drinking Progressive. Last election, she said her number one priority was integrating the Affordable Health Care Act “seamlessly” in Colorado. She has enthusiastically voted for every gun grabbing bill that has been introduced. She is part of the “Colorado Model” mob, which has (temporarily) turned Colorado blue.

Why does it matter to anyone outside of Colorado? Her ilk thinks anyone owning a firearm is, by definition, mentally ill. See where this is going?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this type of legislation floating around in all the states; just one part of the overall progressive attack on the Second Amendment.

These progressives are relentless and ever so sneaky. As an example, after last session, 51 of the 54 Colorado Sheriffs said they wouldn’t enforce the new gun laws. Now, in Colorado, the only elected official that can remove a sheriff from office is the county coroner. It is part of the State Constitution. Very quietly last session a bill was introduced to “update and bring into modern practice” the function of county coroners. That piece of garbage died without a vote.

It is true; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

As an addendum, this is from a Facebook posting. The poster is a retired teacher with a Masters in Education and a blind spot in history. One wonders how many minds she warped in her career.

Muhammad taught "love"? My ass.


  1. You're really beginning to scare me with what is going on out there... And trust a JUDGE for mental... Oh HELL no...

  2. I suspect Colorado is now a progressive petri dish.

  3. One of the MANY petri dishes, WSF!! Great observations! They're slowing eroding what our Constitution is and most folks are that proverbial frog in the pot......

    1. I'm afraid most folks are just trying to keep the wolf from their door, and don't have time or energy for much else. Us retired folks have both the time and motivation to keep up with developments.