Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bad Day For A Car Guy

A trip down memory lane.

Salt Lake City, 1974, an acquaintance was the local district sales manager for American Motors (AMC).

The Salt Lake City Car Show was opening and AMC had shipped in by rail one of the first AMC Pacers. AMC  sent one West  just for the show.

My friend picked it up and had it toughly cleaned and polished then drove  to the Salt Palace for the show. Three blocks from the Salt Palace he was t-boned by a red light runner.

An omen for what was to come?

Say what you will about the Pacer but know it was an innovative design for the times. Designed to be powered by the Wankel rotary engine that never saw production, the car was designed for urban environments. The doors tilted out from the top for easier exits in cramped parking spots. The passenger door was wider than the driver’s door for easier back seat access. All that glass was to minimize blind spots.  It was built to a much higher safety standard than was required at the time.  

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