Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sombrero Horse Drive II

Off to Maybell. May or may not find Internet connections so blogging and comments may be limited.

Of course, Colorado springtime, the two mountain passes I must cross are icy and snow packed from a "slow moving Pacific storm" per the weather guessers.

Note to any home invasion types. (1) I've little of value to steal and (2) the premises are occupied by a house setter (not to mention a savage attack cat).


  1. Safe diving, my friend. No horse show is worth being frond in the spring, you know, that time of year were things began to grow and snow is melting... that spring. I would like to be there to see it with you. But I HATE SNOW.

  2. Have fun. I'll be doing something similar in Wyoming come the end of the month.

    1. Hope you have better weather. Just a suggestion. Do some riding before going. Funny sad to see some of the dudes today so saddle sore they quit.