Saturday, November 21, 2015

Renewable Energy Lies

Headlines proclaim Aspen CO to be the third US city to be 100% renewable energy powered. Well lad di da.

Reading somewhat closer, we find:

Aspen receives its wind energy from about four wind farms in Nebraska and South Dakota, Dolan said, adding that the city also uses energy from Ruedi Reservoir, Maroon Creek and Ridgway Reservoir, which is a hydropower facility near Montrose. Aspen Electric Utility serves about half the community………

In other words, Aspen produces 0% of it’s energy, it buys from other producers. They decide what producers to whom they write checks. That energy flows to Aspen through the same power grid that carries power generated by many coal plants. No coal or gas fired plant, no power, or not enough to power the ski lifts. Can you separate those flowing electrons by producer? Don’t think so.

Oh WSF, you are so cynical.

No shit.


  1. Stupid earth muffins.
    reminds me of Portland's starlight parade a few years back... they were Sofa King PROUD... they had purchased carbon credits and our parade was GREEEEEEEEN.

  2. Their perception was more valid that your reality, no?

  3. Replies
    1. I doubt many "greenies" even know anything, let alone understand, about the power grid.

  4. LOL. Skewed facts to make the natives feel special.

    1. The rest of the area gets their power from Holy Cross Power Company. Coal generated.