Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oppressing the Oppressed

Lifted entirely from Colorado Peak Politics.

OPPRESSING THE OPPRESSED: CU Boulder Cancels Anti-Racism Rally Because Black Students Felt Silenced by Organizers

800px-BoulderCityscapeLiberal on liberal hate is so gratifying. Earlier today, the University of Colorado canceled a rally in support of the entire racist student body at the University of Missouri because (wait for it), the rally organizers were silencing the black students. It’s almost like feeding dog to attendees of a Humane Society gala. It’s so rich.
A rally planned at the University of Colorado this afternoon to protest racism and show support for the University of Missouri, where demonstrations led to the resignation of campus leaders this week, has been canceled after the event drew complaints from African-American students on campus.
The rally, organized by a CU sociology class called “Whiteness Studies,” was set for 3:30 p.m. today outside the student center. But when event details went public, leaders of CU’s Black Student Alliance said they had not been consulted and felt as if they were being silenced by the class.
On Facebook, one of the event’s organizers posted an apology to black students at CU.
“We acknowledge that we should have contacted (Black Student Alliance) to see what they were already planning with regard to Mizzou,” wrote Azabe Kassa. “While we understand that this does not excuse our actions, we learned a lesson in proper allyship. We still hope to work with (Black Student Alliance) to support your efforts and to stand in solidarity with black students.”
No, we have no idea what a class called “Whiteness Studies” actually teaches; although, the article claims that the students are studying “racial inequalities”.  The protest was meant to be in solidarity with those traumatized by the University of Missouri racism.  Oops.


  1. The irony ... it burns!!!

    You can't make this stuff up.

    BTW, WTF is "allyship?"

    1. "allyship?"
      Don't know. Don't speak Boulderese.

  2. I'm so sorry there little feelings were hurt. Now I hear they are crying because France took all their thunder away and they are being ignored. Makes me tear up for them. I think my feelings can be summed up in one word... FUCK'UM!

  3. Got a love it when karma bites them square in the ass!

  4. Oh. My.
    You know, a lot of problems could be solved without all the grandstanding and emmmmmpathyyyyyy and ass-kissy pandering.
    If everyone just joined my religion... the church of Don't Be An Asshole.

    Treat people with the respect they deserve (understanding that some people don't deserve respect) and try to do good things rather than bad.

    Of course I didn't go to college, so I'm not smart.

    1. Attending college makes you smart? Who woulda thunk.

  5. I forgot to add this:
    Don't. Fucking. Whine.

  6. Wow. They sure are creating monsters at those places.

    1. That is their mission and has been for as long as I can remember. I have a few credits from CU; classes taught by Ms. Pat Schroeder who went to Congress and was a VP candidate.