Saturday, September 19, 2015

You Are Invited

Should you be in the Denver, CO area October 10th, come on over.

Written by Claudia Worth
Wednesday, 26 August 2015
We are excited about this year’s cider days Oct. 10th from 10am-4pm at the Historic Park 4610 Robb St. We will be pressing apples on our old cider presses. Cost is $3.00 per bag, box, bucket, crate, or whatever you bring them in. We combine apples for the best flavor. But will press yours separately on request. Please wash your apples.
Lunch will between 12-1 until 2:00 pm, the price is always under $10.00 Soft drinks and bottled water are extra.
Music will be provided by JoAnn and her Pick up Band. Bring your instrument and play some old fashioned music.
The White Family are planning on a family reunion at the Park. Their Family owned the Soddy and property from 1895 until 1939. Some fun and interesting stories are planned about this great family.
We will also have The Cottonwood, a booklet about the old tree by the ditch, on sale. Tours of all the buildings will be offered
Hope to see on Cider Days
Bring containers for cider.
This sod house has been plastered on the outside to preserve it. Served as a base for my family for many years including growing vegetables for the Denver markets and as a base for freight hauling over the Rockies.
To the best of my knowledge this is the only existing sod house in the greater Denver area.
Wheatridge is North of Denver on Interstate 70 at the base of the foothills.
The family will probably remain mainly sober so no fights are anticipated. Hard looks and caustic remarks may be exchanged; it is a fractious family until outsiders get involved then all bets are off.
What the hell, we're Irish.
You can get a good look on Google Earth. The brick house next door was built with a lot of the family involved as sub contractors. 


  1. I won't be making my semi-regular Wyoming hunting trip this year. Otherwise I'd be in the neighborhood around then. Sounds like fun - sorry to miss it.

  2. Too bad about the hunting trip. The game is in great condition this year. Saw a great looking four pointer near Guernsey the other day who was as fat as any deer I've seen.

  3. I wish... That sounds like fun! :-) Have a good time sir!

  4. I have no expectations any bloggers will be able to come but put it out there just in case. My youngest aunt will be celebrating her 80th birthday and her 82 year old sister will be there. Both are about 35 years old by attitude and are the last of my father's siblings. They spoiled me as a toddler so naturally I'm quite fond of them. There will be three and possible four generations there.

  5. So you lived in the original White House?

  6. My father, not me. Every house I live in is the White House.

  7. The Fall is when we have our mountain fairs in the different counties and they are full of crafts, jars of canned goods, and good bluegrass music. It would be great to come out your way, but not this year.